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  1. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    Yes, I would be quite happy to have that term avoided too, though the connotations of "chubby chaser" are even more glaringly negative.
  2. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    And that comment clearly indicates the public perception of anyone associated with the label "chubby chaser" as someone perverted, someone who wants "fat" women to do "freaky" things. It is a derogatory term to be avoided at all costs.
  3. K

    The inherent FA predicament

    I find it puzzling that these are the only two options, and that the question, "Would it behoove us to gently urge a fat loved one to gain weight?" is not a selection. If the partner is being pressured by mean-spirited "friends" and family members to starve themselves into a skinnier size...
  4. K

    The inherent FA predicament

    Love in what sense? Not exactly a term with a concrete definition. There has to be some consideration of a partner's own pleasure in a relationship, otherwise it's not even a human relationship but becomes something like a religious worship of the other person, like praying to a god: "Whatever...
  5. K

    Who says there are no genuinely full-figured plus-size models?

    Christmas has never looked better than in the new plus-size campaign from Brazil featuring one of the fashion industry's rare, true plus-size models, Mayara: http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2340 Here's one of the pictures from the campaign. There's another at the...
  6. K

    How did/does being an FA go over with your parents?

    My dad was a bit puzzled by my preference, as his own preference was rather different (i.e., thinner), but it wasn't really the sort of thing that we discussed. I imagine that he just took it as another one of my peculiarities. For example, he was very much into math, science, engineering, so my...
  7. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    Just because it's a reality show doesn't mean that the opinions voiced don't reflect genuine beliefs.
  8. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    If anyone viewed tonight's episode of "Big Sexy," you saw the girls repeatedly using the phrase "chubby chasers" as a term of absolute disgust, to identify the kinds of men they want nothing to do with (in contrast to the men who simply prefer fuller-figured women, which they find fine). And...
  9. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    I think this may be a case where the insularity of the community may be causing a lack of perspective, on the part of the apologists for these phrases. To the outside world, "chubby chaser" is used to describe someone who is basically viewed as a fetishist and pervert. Anyone using it in the...
  10. K

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    IMO both terms are degrading, though the first is even more repulsive.
  11. K

    How genetic do you think fat admiration is?

    I think attraction to full-figured women is almost entirely genetic. I think it runs in the family the way other traits run in the family -- irregularly. Some families will have many red-haired family members, while other families will have just one red-haired family member turn up in many...
  12. K

    Do you find fat men more masculine?

    Yes, I assumed it was. However, for my part, I thought it was more fruitful to take the question at face value and answer it sincerely. Said answer actually supports the other thread.
  13. K

    Do you find fat men more masculine?

    I don't see why. Plain question, plain answer (see my response above).
  14. K

    Do you find fat men more masculine?

    No, I do not find that they are more masculine. Unlike full-figured women, who are more feminine than thin women, fat men are not more masculine. Lean and/or muscular men are more masculine (as a general rule). IMO.
  15. K

    Do you find fat women more feminine? -FA (Male )

    As a general rule, yes. Unquestionably. Of course, as in all things, there are exceptions both ways. (And of course, much has to do with how the women in question dress and make themselves up.) But all other things being equal, yes.
  16. K


    If this is true, and given that I believe the O.P. made the comment sincerely, then this may leave guys with low confidence in something of a dilemma. Either they have to: 1. Assume a level of confidence and self-esteem that they don't actually have, and which is the total opposite of...
  17. K

    FA Myths Thread #12

    Another way in which this myth is too simplistic is that it doesn't account for whether a figure is soft or "toned." For some FAs, a soft/untoned female figure is at least as attractive as size per se. "Bigger" doesn't take that into account.
  18. K

    FA Myths Thread #12

    Yes, I was not surprised by the results of the "Face or Figure?" thread in this forum a while back, in which the majority of respondents said "face." I think most FAs have a "sweet spot" or range of weight/fullness that they find most attractive. That range is different for every FA. Below...
  19. K

    FA Myths Thread #11

    Correct observation, but false conclusion. A useful perspective on this is provided by a topic suggestion by Jack Secret in the "FA Myths and Misconceptions - Suggestions Thread" as well as a poll that appeared on this forum a while back, "Face or Figure?" which was won by the "face" option...