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  1. bbwgatorgirl

    Epcot in Florida

    I went on every ride there. Soarin - the seats on the end are probably best because you don't have someone on either side, so you can lean a bit to the side and not feel cramped. Grab the seatbelt before you sit down; makes it easier. We sat in the front row so we went the highest of all the...
  2. bbwgatorgirl

    Too picky for the fat girl in the family…

    I'm in the opposite boat! I always think that they can do better, and that the guy should be pickier, and my family and friends are always saying that I've 'found my match'.... obviously they've been wrong.
  3. bbwgatorgirl

    meeting a guy from a dating site for the first time!

    I think some of it may also be that they're just meeting me to make fun of me. I had a rough childhood with bullying (as I'm sure many of us did), and that is always in the back of my mind as well. Like, he will show up with his buddies just to laugh at me.
  4. bbwgatorgirl

    meeting a guy from a dating site for the first time!

    So, I'm on POF. I met a guy on there, and we've been talking for about a week and a half. We're friends on facebook, so he's seen all of my good pictures, and my not so good pictures. Not necessarily with him, but with any guy I meet online, I always have this fear of meeting him and him...
  5. bbwgatorgirl

    Epcot in Florida

    I'm making the really long trip up from South Florida to Orlando to meet some friends, and we're going to head to Epcot tomorrow. Of course being BBW, I wonder if I will fit in everything. I found a website, linked below, that gives the seating styles of all the rides, and it eased my mind a...
  6. bbwgatorgirl

    "those who had been exposed to only thin, beautiful women" - Allure magazine article

    i just saw this in the magazine, and found the link online to share. "Prolonged exposure to images of glamorous, thin women in the media can change female viewers' body image—for the better. This finding, which contradicts many short-term studies that produced opposite results, emerged from...
  7. bbwgatorgirl

    Chub rub! (thigh chafing)

    Thigh Society!! http://thighsociety.myshopify.com/products/thigh-society-underwear
  8. bbwgatorgirl

    The Trial

    As someone who personally knows Casey, I can say I believe the decision was correct. She loved that little girl.
  9. bbwgatorgirl


    I'm pretty sure I'm on the 'verge' of SSbbw as a size 28, but I have a question for all of you who are in or were in college/university. I'm starting up at a new school for a new degree in August, and I'm worried about fitting in the desks. I previously went to a much larger university, which...
  10. bbwgatorgirl

    What do you want to do with your life?

    Finish pharmacy school, go back to school for my Ph.D, remain with my sigother, adopt a few kids, travel to Japan, Austrailia, Cuba (to see family), and Greece again. I'd also like to teach english in a foreign country at some point, again.
  11. bbwgatorgirl

    interracial dating...

    I'm dealing with this right now. I'm white, and have been seeing this guy who's black for about 2 months now, and my parents do not approve. I'm 23, but still a full time student, and I rely on them quite a bit for financial support, even with working. My parents say it's not racism, it's...
  12. bbwgatorgirl

    Any Ganja BBW babes out there?

    You need your lungs more than your liver :\
  13. bbwgatorgirl

    Any Ganja BBW babes out there?

    I personally cannot stand the smell of it. I've never done it myself, but I have gotten several contact highs, and it's just not something I enjoy.
  14. bbwgatorgirl

    Being "picky"

    I'm always told I shouldn't be so picky (by all of my skinny friends) because I'd be lucky to catch a guy who's alright with my size. I tell them they'd be lucky to catch a guy with their attitude.
  15. bbwgatorgirl

    BBW Body Idiosyncrasies

    I get intertrigo pretty bad occasionally. It's basically a rash that stays wet..it's gross, but clears up pretty quick. I get it under my boobs, and under my belly if I forget to dry completely after I shower.
  16. bbwgatorgirl

    By the numbers

    I don't, just because it's nobody's business. If I was in a relationship like I was with my ex, my clothing size at least would be known (for gift purposes :smitten:). Other than that, don't ask unless I bring it up (which won't ever happen).
  17. bbwgatorgirl

    apprehension about skinny men

    This second guy was average. Not too skinny, not fat. The first guy was actually skinny.
  18. bbwgatorgirl

    apprehension about skinny men

    Since making this post, I have found out that all men are not worth trusting. The one who said he'd help me through it? Apparently he lied about a ton of stuff. He's not skinny, btw..so to me this shows a complete lack of respect from ALL men. He hacked into my computer (even though it's...
  19. bbwgatorgirl

    apprehension about skinny men

    Thank you for your response :) I never saw it that way; thank you for bringing this up. He does seem pretty genuine when he says he doesn't want to deal with it. My concern though, is that after I posted this thread, we had another disagreement about this whole thing, and his response then...
  20. bbwgatorgirl


    Heather, almost 23. Was living in Gainesville for 4 years for school, but just moved down to Coral Springs/Deerfield/Boca area for more school!