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    Happy Easter Everyone!

    Happy Easter!
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    Hello Nicole Beautiful smile!
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    In Rememberance

    @Colonial Warrior, Tracey Carr is my favourite too!
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    In Rememberance

    Hi everybody I learnt a few days ago : Anna Lombardo died last year in december https://www.roccofuneralhomes.com/obituary/Anna-Lombardo-Martin RIP Anna
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    Travelling the world... places to be?

    french and english for me I'd say the same thing as you with french for me with german ( I didn't speak it for many years..)
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    Travelling the world... places to be?

    @DazzlingAnna ok , Thanks for the answer Du spricht nur deutsch und englisch?
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    Travelling the world... places to be?

    @DazzlingAnna you speak french? oui il y a des grèves en France...
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    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    @gedjt1 you're not the only one to love and prefer bbw/ssbbw's with enormous breasts! I do too....but it's very hard to find here in France!
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    Funny fat banter on German Craigslist

    vous avez encore de beaux restes
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    Funny fat banter on German Craigslist

    Il y en a même qui parlent français!!! enfin französisch!!
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    BBW dating sites

    bbwpersonalsplus is a good one too