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  1. Totmacher

    Velvet d'Amour sending some l'Amour

    Merci Beaucoup, mon cher ami! Vous air tres belle. :happy: ps: Sorry if my french sucks. :p
  2. Totmacher

    The Concentration Camp Diet

    Well I, for one, believe it. If you don't eat you'll loose weight - That's biology. You'll also probably become malnourished, vital systems might atrophy, and you could injure yourself or die. From what I've observed people only seem worried about those last few for people who are gaining...
  3. Totmacher

    Race Is NOT a Valid Concept

    Race is roughly equivalent to breed. As I see it some are more likely to get this illness, some are more likely to get that illness; some are curlier and some are straighter (of coat); but when it comes down to it they're all still doggies.
  4. Totmacher

    A Bit Bigger ;-)

    Beautiful. :eat2:
  5. Totmacher

    5 ft tall, 162 pounds...

    Depends what she looks like.
  6. Totmacher

    Violet Beauregarde's dad passed away

    Whoa! We agree on something else. :eek:
  7. Totmacher

    Violet Beauregarde's dad passed away

    From what I've heard a lot of people credit this scene with being one of the earliest memories of finding weight-gain interesting. Which would mean they equate inflation and weight gain. Which is an interesting discussion for another time, I suppose. Anyway, it's almost related.
  8. Totmacher

    Crossroads Question

    Why are you hesitant, ray? What, specifically, are you afraid of?
  9. Totmacher

    Crossroads Question

    Been there, did that, screwed it up horribly (surprisingly enough it wasn't a weight-related gaffe). There weren't any disadvantages or roadblocks and my only regrets were, as I said, not feeding related. I say go for it, be yourself, and communicate 'cause that's really important.
  10. Totmacher

    Perfect weight

    As fat as my perfect woman would happen to be at the time you asked.
  11. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    Was that really necessary :rolleyes: ? I'm aware of the dictionary definitions of those terms, but those don't seem to be the generally accepted ones around here. I'm just curious what your definitions are.
  12. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    You never said you had any personal experience in the matter. You only said that you had mysterious and intimate knowledge the origins of which you would not reveal. If you're not willing to tell us what your personal experience is or why it trumps my personal experience then there's really no...
  13. Totmacher

    This Belly Keeps Getting Bigger

    All I can say is that you look lovely and I'm glad to hear you're having a good time.
  14. Totmacher

    How do you make sure your feedee is fed while the feeder is away on a trip?

    Which is another fetish I've observed too frequently around here to assume we don't have a few who practice among us.
  15. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    Slightly off-topic, but I'd like to state my distaste for the tact of burying anything you don't like or understand in (in my opinion unfunny) snark. Personally I find the most equitable response to be not commenting on threads that have taken a turn for the unreadable and let people I don't...
  16. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    The machine you're imagining is a bit more than I'd think most people'd go for on a first attempt. I'm familiar with the gag reflex, but the head-out-the-window-of-a-moving-car one is new to me (don't experience it myself). Regardless, reflexes are something a feeding-machine builder would have...
  17. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    From what I've seen and read human beings just aren't that delicate. Sure people choke to death on small particles of food and drown in bowls of cereal all the time, but the vast majority of us are perfectly capable of drinking from a tube. The more sophisticated a machine constructed the more...
  18. Totmacher

    Feeding Machine

    Won't you favor us with the anecdote that led you to that conclusion? If not, at least the credentials that make you more qualified to make that determination than, say, the hydraulic industry insider.
  19. Totmacher

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    I despise the term, "chubby chaser". Until recently I'd only heard/read it used when referring to gay men. It still carries all the emotional baggage of downloading the wrong vids decades ago over my 2400 baud modem. Beyond that it just sounds kitschy and - after reading this thread - more than...
  20. Totmacher

    Are there any feedees in this community that are not paysite models?

    What's stopping you from trying now?