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  1. RedHotAva

    Obses egg donor?

    I see ads all the time for egg donors from agencies promising to pay $6000-$8000 per donation. There is a weight limit though, of course. Does anyone know if there are any networks where potential parents and donors can network, like a dating website for eggs, where the agency doesn't pre-screen...
  2. RedHotAva

    Tall guys: Please post pix kthnxbye

    BEST. THREAD. EVER. I have had a crush on the Brawny for the better part of a decade. I have a guy friend who is 6'5, and I love to stand between him and his 6'4 brother and just look up at them and sigh. Love to all my tall boys in South Florida and DC (I can't stay put), and Ladle, I...
  3. RedHotAva

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Looks delicious, good enough to eat! The ice cream too!
  4. RedHotAva

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

  5. RedHotAva

    "I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

    I love men that love bellies because if it hadn't been for that one guy... I never would have known any men were actually attracted to big girls, much less ones with bellies!
  6. RedHotAva

    Anyone in France?

    Bonjour! I will be going to France next March(ish) with a plan to stay for at least a couple of months, and if I like it, to live there. Just for fun. Is anyone in Paris or anywhere in France that could help me find my way around? :bow:
  7. RedHotAva

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    4th of July with my nieces, goofing around in the mall, then my recent vacation to Santa Fe!
  8. RedHotAva

    Halloween Costumes

    This is exactly what I'm looking for, but I need real brick size and the description says these bricks are only 1.25" long. I'm going to be a brick house (like the song!) so I'm making a mini dress out of brick fabric, with a portrait-style off-the-shoulder shingle roof mantle and a little green...
  9. RedHotAva

    Halloween Costumes

    So I know it's a wee bit early to be thinking about Halloween, but I want to make my costume this year and given my sewing abilities, it will be a long process. I have 2 reasons for this post: 1. I need help finding fabric! I want to find fabric that looks like a brick wall. I have looked in...
  10. RedHotAva

    Where to find cheeky swim bottoms?

    So I am finally getting a little color at the beach, and while I think my strap lines are sexy, the full-on white booty and granny panty tan line is not cute. I have been searching EVERYWHERE to find a bathing suit bottom that is cut more like my favorite underwear that basically lets half my...
  11. RedHotAva

    Body Cleansing (Fasting & Detoxification)

    The way it seems to me, whatever toxins are stored in our fat cells got there somehow, and they won't do any more damage coming out than they did going in. It is unpleasant though, and they come out in the reverse order that they went in. When you fast on water only, you can see some of it...
  12. RedHotAva

    Body Cleansing (Fasting & Detoxification)

    I did a 14 day water fast last month. My boyfriend at the time was a raw vegan and had done many fasts before, so he had me thinking about it for about a year in advance. He told me that on his long fasts(40 days), his body told him when to stop, basically he could feel all of his systems...
  13. RedHotAva

    Do you have trouble giving compliments on strangers’ bodies?

    I always give compliments when something strikes me... I know how awesome it feels to be complimented by someone who is just randomly taken with something about me (anything really, just the fact that i smile every day was my fav compliment ever), so whenever a positive thought pops in my head...
  14. RedHotAva

    Bridesmaids shoes

    If you are thinking metallic, both of these are under $20: http://www.payless.com/Catalog/ProductDetail.aspx?&TLC=Womens&SLC=WomensDress&BLC=WomensDressSandals&Width=Regular&ItemCode=63802&LotNumber=065688&Type=Adult&Popularity=686&DescriptiveColor=Gold...
  15. RedHotAva

    IUD questions

    I was having issues with hormonal birth control killing my sex drive, so I got Paragard in Feb. Let me tell you, I didn't expect the insertion to hurt but WOW! After that, my periods were very heavy and I had awful cramps for the first time ever. I went from never having any cramps to being laid...
  16. RedHotAva

    Muscular Jock FA New to the Boards

    i <3 nerdy boys :wubu:
  17. RedHotAva

    BMI - What's Yours?

    5'9, 219 = 32.3 3 years ago: 5'9, 300 = 44.3
  18. RedHotAva

    Your hair will LOVE you!

    Yay I'm glad to hear other people trying the apple cider vinegar too. I added lemon juice to mine to bring out the highlights, and either it's working or I'm just looking for them harder now, hah. I want to try their soaps and face soaps too.
  19. RedHotAva

    Your hair will LOVE you!

    That stinks that you had a bad experience with them :-( If I don't use my rinse, my hair is tangly when wet but still nice once it dries. Do you remember which ones you used? (So I can avoid them!)
  20. RedHotAva

    Your hair will LOVE you!

    I'm always on the lookout too, and the 2 samples I got are vegan. I figured if I have the option, why wouldn't I? But several of the vegan ones I wanted to try were sold out, and I really want to try some of the others, so I'll be ordering more samples! I just washed, cut, and dried my hair, and...