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  1. Santaclear

    Happy Birthday Amatrix!

    Happy birthday, Amatrix!! :D:D
  2. Santaclear

    Happy Birthday FatGirlFlyin!!! :D :D

    Happy birthday!! :D
  3. Santaclear

    Happy Birthday, Freethinker!

    :bounce:Happy birthday, Andrew!!:bounce::D
  4. Santaclear

    Worst (Best) Sandwiches in America

    Who doesn't love bad sandwiches? :eat2:
  5. Santaclear

    What Dimensions is, and is not

    Evidently you're comfortable playing "the psychiatrist." Also unfortunate.
  6. Santaclear

    Happy Birthday Olwen!! :D :D

    Happy birthday, Olwen! :D
  7. Santaclear

    How long will you live if bitten by a zombie?

    One hour, seven minutes for me, so they say. I disagree, It's useless to argue in situations like this, but I think I'd actually survive a zombie bite.
  8. Santaclear

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    Both BHMs too, Hinckley and Chapman. I agree, Wag & Smush...losing John Lennon that way was a disaster, heartbreaking.
  9. Santaclear

    !! Happy Birthday Mszwebs !!

    Happy birthday, Jessica!! :D
  10. Santaclear

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    part #1 here http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1333975&postcount=1219 I sit on front porch shirtless, my moobs like shining nobs glissen in the afternoon rays, huddle over remander of the Pizza (large peproni that my girlfred paid for.) One slice left but i unable to...
  11. Santaclear

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    We (FA und FFA's) custodien of udder peoples (fat humans/fetish) self esteam. If you in closet reason you in dere is to get Broom (cymbolic, from Closet) & sweep Butter off mans fly :bow: spinach balls is whole, otter issue
  12. Santaclear

    Are there any feedees in this community that are not paysite models?

    Yeah, I hear this is really quite a problem.
  13. Santaclear

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    Each of us born with their own desires (horney), what get us going & can nebber be changed. We cant help our own sexaul prefrences what they be & besides it "t'aint nobodys business" (sings) what I do (like Bullie Holliday says) one must play the game with the cards that they dealt. Those who...
  14. Santaclear

    Take heart! US haggis ban lifted!!

    A stirring poem, Ernest, by one of the greats. I only wish that posters like Daddy-Oh and LalaCity could be here to enjoy this with us. They were in the trenches when it seemed all hope was lost.
  15. Santaclear

    Take heart! US haggis ban lifted!!

    I feel at last that a great chain has been lifted off of us. There is hope, and change. :eat1:
  16. Santaclear

    Anyone seen Observer?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Observer.
  17. Santaclear

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    Thinking good thoughts for your mom, AFG.
  18. Santaclear

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    I hotwired. I private & hotwadded. My prefinances are mine OWN & I not ashammed to tell everybody. Thats why i write you the reader this story, for posteraty & that others might prosper to know it. Girlfriend (bossy) tell me to fire Ravinous, this time he go to Far. See, he has been my Cheff...
  19. Santaclear

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    It was with Heavy Belly i drag myself from bed Tuesday morning, still full from last nights culinery relevry with chef Ravinous & his cohorts what shall I have I ask? In a flash Ravinus's little friend Heckter at my side, take my order. I will have cheese Denish, i tell him & coffee. He come...
  20. Santaclear

    What Dimensions is, and is not

    Well, mostly civil. I don't think telling people to GTFO is civil. (You can fix the post title in editing by going to "advanced."