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  1. PagalDesi4Life


    hey neighbor!!
  2. PagalDesi4Life


    ok i know i started a florida thread a couple months ago....where did it go?? anyways...just to keep the thread alive remember the time the gators won both football and basketball championships, oh man what a great game!
  3. PagalDesi4Life

    Did you go to Fat Camp when you were a kid?

    yeah i went to fatcamp when i was 13 i think...i went back home a couple days after lol. looking back, i wish i had stayed are there any fatcamps for adults??
  4. PagalDesi4Life

    pics of the girls

    lol is there really a place call fatburger in vegas?? thats a pretty wicked pic!
  5. PagalDesi4Life


    anyone going to the bbw dance in miami tonite?
  6. PagalDesi4Life

    So gents, tell me a little about yourselves...

    lol i love that answer
  7. PagalDesi4Life

    It's snowing

    i dont think itll ever snow down here in south florida! ;) atleast not for a very very long time
  8. PagalDesi4Life

    Slimming photos

    the googles!!! they do nothing!!!
  9. PagalDesi4Life


    i know i cant be the only one in the ft. lauderdale/miami area on this board!!!
  10. PagalDesi4Life

    How Tall are you!!!!!????

    I'm 6'1"....i always had a thing for shorties though. the possibilities are endless.
  11. PagalDesi4Life

    Location, location, location.

    its been 75-80 all week here in south florida :D is that not a reason for anyone to come visit the sunshine state??
  12. PagalDesi4Life


    lol ya never know
  13. PagalDesi4Life

    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    hmmmm ya just might have given me a reason to visit iceland....ive never been there before lol
  14. PagalDesi4Life

    Woohoo...Go COLTS

    i cant believe they actually came back, i stopped watching after halftime thinking the Pats were coming to Miami....although a little disappointed that they lost, it truly was a great game and for them to come back was unbelieveable. cant wait for super bowl weekend, its gonna be wild down here!
  15. PagalDesi4Life

    The Men of Dimensions

    id have to say this is my best pic yet, besides my baby pic
  16. PagalDesi4Life

    Hot Boy Thread!

    ahhh yes the beloved alex rodriguez...new yorks most hated....and bostons favorite! i loved his performance in the 2006 playoffs, truly an amazing athlete! :rolleyes: heh (im sorry, i have to hate him, im a boston fan :D)
  17. PagalDesi4Life

    your first kiss

    cool thread, alot of good stories! ill add my personal 2 cents... i never had experienced an actual kiss (lip to lips) with a girl till last semester when I met my would-be gf. i actually met her on myspace first, but we went to the same college. she was 19, i was 21. we had talked on...
  18. PagalDesi4Life

    Whos got a Webcam/PalTalk?

    I'm sure there are several here who own webcams. Most of them probably use Yahoo Messenger with it, but have any of you heard about PalTalk? Like Yahoo but better, especially with creating your own chatrooms. Maybe we can make a BHM/FFA room on there and just chill and relax. Just a thought...
  19. PagalDesi4Life

    So gents, tell me a little about yourselves...

    Name: Mehul (friends call me Zul) Something interesting about you: I'm secretly in love with Trish Stratus! Age: 21 (22 in April) Favorite flavor cupcake: ummm chocolate with sprinkles! You thoughts on the meaning of life: its like sim city, except there arent roller coasters...