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  1. Plump_Princess

    What happened to the old Dimensions?

    Very well said. And as far as a "forum" goes, it's not really the design that will determine its success, it's the people who participate and are involved. *shrugs*.
  2. Plump_Princess

    R.I.P Rhonda :(

    May her beautiful spirit be blessed, happy and thriving wherever she is now. <3
  3. Plump_Princess

    NJ BBW Bash Photos!

    First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to Carla, Phil and Berna (and everyone/anyone else who had a hand in the Bash!) for all their amazing, dedicated and hard work. Everyone's fun couldn't have happened without them - so thank you so much you guys for such an amazing time - we all owe...
  4. Plump_Princess

    NJ BBW Bash Photos!

    That "this one" HAHA. You mean Cuntwoman? ;) And even though are The Best, darling (I capitalized that for you, I knew you'd like that) - you're still my brother from another mother ;) Luv you!
  5. Plump_Princess

    Oct NJ Bash shirts will be available!

    That girl's hot. Loves it! <3
  6. Plump_Princess

    Nj Bash - Who's Going???

    I'll be there with Nicki and Tim <3.
  7. Plump_Princess

    The OFFICIAL NJ BBW BASH Schedule Thread

    Cheeburger Cheeburger all the way! Look forward to seeing everyone <3.!
  8. Plump_Princess

    Next New Jersey Mini Bash Date Announced

    I'm SO going to be there! These are some fantastic ideas being thrown around for costumes! You could always just make it a general "costume" party though, that way everyone can wear what they want/are able to find. Just another idea ;) Can't wait! xox Mwahs Courtney
  9. Plump_Princess

    Official HB Mem Day 08 Picture thread - during and after!! :)

    Looks like people had a great time! I was sorry to miss it <3 Bahaha, oh Aris and her condoms.
  10. Plump_Princess

    NJ Mini Bash Pics Thread

    Ahh the many sides of Bruce... ;) That's all for now! <3 xox Courtney
  11. Plump_Princess

    NJ Mini Bash Pics Thread

    I was only able to grab a few pics from *my* camera, but I managed to get some great shots of Bruce and Travis doing "Spicy McHaggis" - truly a memorable experience guys ;) Here they are! <3
  12. Plump_Princess

    Mini bash Rocked

    I'm so sad to be all the way back in Canada! This was my second bash and just like the first one - I had an amazing time. Thank you so much to Phil, Carla and Berna for putting together such a successful event <3. It was wonderful to see all my friends again - *hugs* to my fellow WoW guild...
  13. Plump_Princess

    NJBBW Mini Bash RSVP's

    Can't wait to see everyone there :) <3
  14. Plump_Princess

    NJ bash SHIRTS!!

    Totally snatching one of those up ;) <3
  15. Plump_Princess

    Ok, I have the talk, why did Kenzie stop her site and modeling?

    If only that were really true, girl. <3
  16. Plump_Princess

    End of Summer BASH....Phil & Carla did nothing Mini!! Share you comments and Photos

    First of all, let me start off with an AHHHH! I had such a blast! I want to first extend my thanks for Carla and Phil - you two are awesome people, and I know everyone had an amazing time thanks to all your efforts and hard work. <3 So thank you so much! It was wonderful to meet all of...
  17. Plump_Princess

    End of Summer Mini Bash?

    I'd love to, too! Just need the details so I can make arrangements :) xox
  18. Plump_Princess

    Guess what....(O.T.)

    Love yas both :) <3