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  1. B

    Texas (austin)

    Yes I hope we can collect some money to still do the bash. I have offer a couple of hundred to try and get it together again this year
  2. B

    Texas (austin)

    Yeah it be nice to go out for dinner sometime with people from the forum here.
  3. B

    Austin bbw bash

    I was wondering is anyone going to the Austin bbw bash this coming Labor day weekend? September 2 - September 5 ?
  4. B

    Well Rounded BBW Vegas bash '15

    There is two convenience stores about a 1000 feet from the hotel. But there is not whole lot at the stores. Maybe a few snacks and drinks.
  5. B

    Well-Rounded Vegas Bash

    Yes I will be going to this one and the one after the well rounded bash too, I was going to the one before the well rounded bash to but can not get off at work for that one. I do have ticket to the one the weekend before that I trying to get rid of for 60 dollars.
  6. B

    Well-Rounded Vegas Bash

    I am going again this year. I be getting in on Sunday the 13th. The Tuscany is a pretty nice hotel, The rooms are spread out for sure but other wise pretty nice. Yes there are vender at the bash.
  7. B

    Winter Vegas Bash

    Is anyone going to the Winter Vegas Bash this year in February or can anyone tell me more about it?
  8. B

    Austin Bbw Bash

    Letting everyone know that there will be the 15th Austin Bbw Bash happening this coming Labor Day Weekend near downtwon Austin held at the Holiday Inn. You can check it out at http://austinbbwbash.com/.
  9. B

    Just for fun: Dims Bash 2010 - Who's Coming?

    I hope it will be during the month of june again because at work i have to put in for my vacation time today. I am requesting off the two middle weeks in June. If not one of those two weeks i am not sure if i be able to take the week if someone else has it off already. So i will put in for both...
  10. B

    I'm new to Texas!

    Well i guess i will get my shout in here too on this thread. I am from New Braunfels and just had a few close bbw friends and hubby's over today for a 4th of July pool party today here. Some came from Austin and some came in from San Antonio. The pool was 75 degrees which felt great since i...
  11. B

    Strep throat alert

    Well i guess i got lucky too. i have not come down with anything from the bash. But with our damm hot weather here in Texas i think i trying catch a cold from being over heated and then getting into the air conditioning, but it seem like that happens often with me. Hope i do not get the cold...
  12. B

    Bash Workshops

    I not sure with many of the guys here but at most bbw or bash events guys are there just for haveing fun with the ladies. Many of them have no real idea what the lovely ladies have to put up with in there normal lives. So i think a fa workshop for some of them is a very good idea.
  13. B

    2009 Dimensions Bash - June 18-21 in Orlando, FL - Join Us!

    If it is choice one then i know i will be coming since no one else is off that week at work. If it the 2nd chioce it will be harder to get off but i still might be able to swing it. I would hate to miss this event and i know if Heather doing much of the event it will be greattest event around.
  14. B

    Who's Coming Thread - Are you coming? Let us know!

    If i can get time off from work i will surely be there for the first dimensions bash. I have met many of you all in the past but what better a place and time to meet more from the group.
  15. B

    Official 2008 Dimensions Bash Poll #1

    I need to get a better computer so i can come and visit this forum more often. Just saw yesterday that this event really could happen, so check last night at work and found that there is no one at work that has taken off any time during whole month of August so if all goes well count me in...