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  1. RussianRoulette

    ice cream/ice cream novelties thread

    I love vanilla bean icecream..i heat peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds...and drench it on the icecream..it hardens like the hard shell bottles type thing..taste delcious
  2. RussianRoulette

    Skinny FFA?

    are there any of you on here :D where you from? ;)
  3. RussianRoulette

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    I'm a bisexual 29 yr old cam model.I'm 5'4" 402lbs. I live in Greenville,SC area.I would love to meet someone nice here.
  4. RussianRoulette

    No periods?

    if u go 3 months or more without a period..you need to see a gyn and get a shot of hormones.. if u don't it increases your chances for cancer. I know because my mom is a doctor.
  5. RussianRoulette

    How to battle high bad cholesterol and high triglycerides successfully?

    you need some cardio workout..walking..if you walk in your favorite place that big like walmart...or a mall..you sight see..and forget how much u walked.Lean meats:chicken,fish,shellfish.. (not fried)... http://allrecipes.com lay off fast food..order less or go out less frequently.
  6. RussianRoulette

    Any Women into CDs

    wow sexy pics
  7. RussianRoulette

    SC/NC/GA anyone?

    Hi I'm a bbw model and I'm looking for friends in this area...willing to drive 2 hrs..thats it..Im in the greenville,sc area.