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  1. Ruffie

    What makes you Feel AWESOME! Everyone Participate Version

    Spending time with people I love, having deep conversations where we all feel hear and validated. Also love helping others both in my work and personal life.
  2. Ruffie

    Ruby Ripples has passed away.

    I am so saddened by this news. ALthough we had not been in contact over the past couple of years, I ail always remember what a wonderful, ind and supportive persons she was.
  3. Ruffie

    "How many lives have I touched?"

    Happy Birthday. You have touched mine with your positive posts, and an offer to help me when you thought I could use it. I would suspect you have touched many, many lives in your time on this planet.
  4. Ruffie

    The new "This is Us" show perpetuating myths about fat people.

    I like her character and hope that they continue to develop more layers to her has the show goes on. I also enjoyed that they showed how people who seemingly have it all, also have their insecurities and problems. It is refreshing to see a show that shows diversity and real life issues rather...
  5. Ruffie

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    It appears you haven't posted in some time..blah blah so here is a picture of me ready to head off to work.
  6. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Thank you for the wee hug :)
  7. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Thank you Tad. I am indeed feeling a little numb at this point. But as you said once the busyness dies down I can have the time to fully process and feel.
  8. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Yes we do. Mom always used to say you may look like me but you act like your father. LOL Thank you for always lending an ear and supporting me. So appreciated!
  9. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Thank you girl. Just dealing with what HAS to be done right now. Got the funeral arrangements done and most of her room cleaned out at the home. ONe more load to haul from there and meeting with the minister tonight for the service planning and then funeral Friday. Checking things off one at...
  10. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    My mother died after battling cancer. I am sad and overwhelmed with all there is to do. Being an only child sucks sometimes, but thankful for good friends and my family who are helping me out.
  11. Ruffie

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Such beautiful eyes.
  12. Ruffie

    Rep Your Pets!

    So sorry Patti. My heart goes out to you as I know how you feel having lost two fur babies last year myself.
  13. Ruffie

    Rep Your Pets!

    Its 40 below here and I have two snuggle partners keeping warm with me.
  14. Ruffie

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Visiting mom in the nursing home at Christmas. We didn't think she would make it to Christmas having been in the hospital three times in the past three weeks as the Cancer progresses and is shutting down her organs. So this picture is really about living and enjoying the moments we have left...
  15. Ruffie

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Thanks for the kind words folks.
  16. Ruffie

    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    Dear Game Player/Basic Bitch The week has come when the agreement will be signed, final payment will be made and our family can get you out of our lives for good. You have caused so much pain and financial hardship on this family when all we did was try to love you and your family and make...
  17. Ruffie

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Hubby and I at my Christmas Party Saturday night.
  18. Ruffie

    What is making you SAD right now...

    My heart goes out to you littlefairywren *hugs*
  19. Ruffie

    funny named towns

    THe province I live in(Saskatchewan Canada) has several funny names Moose Jaw Climax Love Biggar Carrot River Big Beaver Cut Knife Elbow Semens Porcupine Plain Knee Lake Candle Lake Eyebrow
  20. Ruffie

    Rep Your Pets!

    Was taking a break from switching out summer to winter wardrobe items and decided to play on the computer. Diesel our English Mastiff came for a snuggle and I looked down to see this LOL