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  1. viracocha


    I suppose? I know Amatrix organized some get-togethers a few years ago, but nothing since (especially since she moved a bunch). I'd be down to get people together, but usually we were pretty dispersed.
  2. viracocha

    What made you LOL today?

    That was the best 50 Shades reading video I've seen yet. These also make me lol: 8 Best Edits to Wikipedia from CIA IP Address Totally Common Occurrences in Australia Dogs That Can't Handle It Oh my.
  3. viracocha


    Accurate. Most are in the front range and Denver, myself included. We've historically failed at making meet ups happen. Hopefully we can change that.
  4. viracocha

    Height requirements

    I'd like taller than me (6'1"), but it's more important that they like legs. I have lots of leg.
  5. viracocha

    Curiousity setting in

    Both? I was only thinking of the one. ;) Also, the Huskers can't count anymore. There is a moratorium on soul suckers until next season.
  6. viracocha

    Curiousity setting in

    Nebarska! Holler if you do! It is the land of my oh-so-exciting people. Well... Kind of. Enough at least. I know all the fun things to do between Oma-ho and Scottsbluff.
  7. viracocha

    Question for the bisexuals

    Agreed. I tend to end up with more men that want me to facilitate kinky and/or group sex for them. Like all bisexual people are in an exclusive club and know each other like best FWB. I identify more on the lesbian side of bi, but women are harder to get (for me at least) than men. I run into...
  8. viracocha

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    Count me in. My type is shorter than me (not hard) and fem or androgynous; I am tall and more androgynous. Denver's not a desert, but it's not a BBW oasis.
  9. viracocha

    Guilt Trip...

    Rofl, your daughter is pretty clever and hilarious. I am surprised that got her! It was an acceptable tactic.
  10. viracocha

    What movie title describes your life?

    Blazing Saddles, and hokey as it is working on Eat, Pray, Love.
  11. viracocha

    Guilt Trip...

    Seriously, not a bad mom move. My cousin tried this on her 3 year old daughter and the little girl said, "Okay, see you later." O.o You successfully avoided that. lol
  12. viracocha

    First World Problems

    I have too many spoons (20+) and not enough forks (6). Soup and ice cream over cake?
  13. viracocha

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Totally tried to rep you for big biker dudes, but apparently I have to spread some again before I can give you more.
  14. viracocha

    Anyone Colorado people on these boards?

    In November! I get back in state then. Who's all here anymore?
  15. viracocha

    Any science folk on here?

    My inner-wannabe-paleontologist thinks that awesome. My lack of botany and bio knowledge is a substantial handicap to understand how/what the 3D modeling shows. I'd be curious to know what you can tell from morphology to whatever small and complex structures you mentioned. <-- archaeologist...
  16. viracocha

    How I found Dims.....

    Ditto, but the term was pretty well related. I was 15 and the lurking lasted for 3 years. Once I turned 18 I joined up.
  17. viracocha

    Whats your job?

    I'm a field archaeologist. It's a sweet gig. Very unlike Indiana Jones. I live in the forest and climb mountains, then get to geek out when we find things. Also get the chance to do some wildland firefighting. More bad ass but way more work.
  18. viracocha

    Kinky Personals? For Threesomes and Such?

    I wish it was a bigger community here in Denver. I only get to the clubs and events when I'm not traveling. I'd love to connect with other dims people on fetlife. I'm kdubz. :)
  19. viracocha

    belly rubs?

    Practically? It IS foreplay. I can't help but do it. I am slightly obsessed with this and squeezing butts. My boyfriend and I call it "gropelesting". Feel free to use the term. I am proud to say I am a gropelester every day.
  20. viracocha

    What's pissing you off today?

    Agreed. My boyfriend does this too. Thankfully he doesn't get to touch my stuff except for limited durations of time. Work is driving me crazy. I really like that ad hoc structure most of the time, but it's a bit much when I'm doing IT for the whole dang company and coordinating my bosses to...