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  1. B

    Wider than tall

    In which case,I became a fully fledged SSBBW at 380lbs....:)
  2. B

    Wider than tall

    Don't know about wider ,but round the hips/belly I am rounder than I am tall by a good few inches...:)
  3. B

    Some of my thoughts on BBW’s and why we like you.

    Not sure if I ought to be,but I am having a giggle fit at the moment ...
  4. B

    BMI - What's Yours?

    80,4 for me,x
  5. B

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    Another story says Georgia has gained 250lbs in a year and is over 850lbs (60st) Sadly ,that makes her almost certainly the world's biggest teen ever. I am going to have to make great efforts to peg my weight below 500,I don't want to be humiliated like poor Georgia has been:(
  6. B

    What is your weight right now?

    Had a big foodee binge ,gained 6lbs in the last 4 weeks,now 472 lbs !!
  7. B

    Picking UP BBWs

    My last ex boyfriend couldn't even get his arms round me to try and lift me,I was 450lbs at the time,but we went in a friends indoor private pool and i loved being lifted in the water,feels great,we had a lot of fun that day...:)
  8. B

    Leggings help

    Thank you,I have ordered two pairs from this site,If the seams hold out well I will be happy:)
  9. B

    Fat women's 'bad' bits.

    In most cases you can't have one without the other,so if FAs want to love my fat,they have to put up with the less attractive stuff too:(
  10. B

    What's More Comfortable?

    This is now true for me too,however I was below 200lbs in my early 20s so I have lived both lives ....:)
  11. B

    What's More Comfortable?

  12. B

    Leggings help

    Thank you,Spiritangel,I will take a look:)
  13. B

    When the world isn't made for your weight.....

    I am over double your weight,I bought a resin toilet seat ,seems to support my weight ok, As for the outside world,if you are bigger than 400 there are obstacles everywhere:(
  14. B

    What's More Comfortable?

    Hello everyone (again) The nicest thing about being supersized is having a true FA explore,and appreciate every part of me,and to be admired for me,it it wasn't for places like this and a few others,it wouldn't be this way...:)
  15. B

    What is your weight right now?

    Back after an enforced absence (No computer) 466 squishy lbs !!
  16. B

    Leggings help

    Hello Everyone,this is my first post for around a year,although I still read some of the threads on here. In the last nine months I dropped around 50lbs,but hated dieting and eventually gave up, To cut a long story short ,I gained 60lbs back in only 4 months !! Anyway I would like some...
  17. B

    Thank you dimmers...

    will be around another 6 days before I move home,have lost 24lbs so far,heading for BBW size not SSBBW,thank you for the kind messages :)
  18. B

    Thank you dimmers...

    Hi everyone,I am moving home next week,and as a result will be losing my broadband connection,and therefore no longer here,I have enjoyed my 2 years or so on these boards very much,due to health issues I am losing a considerable amount of weight and also feel that although I am very...
  19. B

    What is your weight right now?

    452,6 lbs down on last month as been feeling unwell:(
  20. B

    What is your weight right now?

    458 as of 2hd April :)