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  1. G

    BMI - What's Yours?

    39.3! Wow I'm a big boy...lol!
  2. G

    BHM Site

    lol I'm too shy myself, other wise I'd offer to put a site up...bah, I doubt anyone would want to see me anyway LOL
  3. G

    Body Parts that Don't Match Up

    Not me, in fact I have the exact opposite. I'm just big and broad all over. When I tell people I'm nearly three hundred pounds (just fifteen shy) they say "No way! You can't be!" I dunno..I thought a size 46 waist was pretty big...but...I guess not!
  4. G

    BHM Site

    I guess the question would be what would the FFA's want to see on the site then? I mean ask a guy that question about bbw sites and you get some pretty standard answers...but how about the ladies?
  5. G

    BHM Site

    Okay, just a curious question: Obviously there are loads of BBW websites, thank the heavens above! But I was wondering what people would think of a BHM website. Would anyone actually go to one? And if it was a paysite would anyone actually pay to see it? I'm just curious since our FFA's don't...
  6. G

    FA myspaces.....

    Woo, it's been a while. You know, it's interesting to read these posts because I've never been a closet FA, not really. Even at age twelve, when all my friends were still obsessed with breasts (don't get me wrong, love 'em) and they would ask me what my favorite part of a girl was, I'd say...
  7. G

    FEED the movie

    I must say, that if OFM is still around: What the hell were you thinking? You came on this board and basically called us a bunch of sick freaks. Did you seriously think that the majority of the board would suddenly rush to your side in agreement? Geez.
  8. G

    *clearing throat* Gentlemen.......

    Sigh..and once again I am unloved. I'm all depressed again for I have no new pictures to post.
  9. G

    FA preference ends 2 year relationship... just shy of V-day

    Well to be honest, the only thin girl I've ever went out with was completely insane. And I'm not just saying that as hyperbole. I mean it, she was completely off her nut. We'd been going out for two DAYS, not even weeks, and she calls me up just as I get out of work to tell me she's going to...
  10. G

    FEED the movie

    Okay...just a couple of things. And yes, once again I realize I've been MIA for quite some time :)--ANYWAY! 1) OneFreeMan, you're probably not going to find a whole lot of sympathy or agreement posting on this board. Not that I'm not saying your not right in your own twisted way. YES, it is...
  11. G

    FA preference ends 2 year relationship... just shy of V-day

    I think part of the problem is that people AREN'T honest about it,or, as I've heard on this board and in real life, people seem to think that it's wrong to have a personal physical preference. There is nothing wrong with liking a certain body type and if you are not honest with yourself or a...
  12. G

    How do you feel about bikinis?

    I'm not a girl but I love bikini's on big girls!! Though in the same sort of thread how many big guys are willing to wear a speedo eh?
  13. G

    Who loves President Bush???

    I support president Bush. But as it was pointed out earlier it doesn't matter who's in office, certain folks are going to be quite resentful of that regime. I personally HATED Bill Clinton and felt he made a mockery of the office, however some people loved him. Anyway, the point being that no...
  14. G

    Oh More beautiful fat rubbing off on me

    very adorable! You should always be proud of who you are!
  15. G

    Hi there - i am new !

    I know I haven't been around a lot but hello!!
  16. G

    What do you collect?

    I collect swords and medieval gear...as for hobbies. I draw. A lot. Although I was surprised, this was the first year I didn't get any art supplies for christmas. I did however get a scanner so I can finally enter the 21st century of art!
  17. G


    I'm in agreement..go with a single breasted jacket. Do NOT got anything that draws a lot of attention to the physique. I'm not saying we big guys aren't fun to look at, but if you put a guy in a light colored suit, people will focus more on his bulk rather than how good he looks. Darker colors...
  18. G

    *clearing throat* Gentlemen.......

    Very nice! :) You also seem to have a "come hither" look on your face! :D
  19. G

    stronger, lasts longer

    I think most bigger guys tend to be stronger then smaller counter parts who don't exercise. I'm not exactly a weakling but my brothers (who are in the military) Are already benching up to 350. Now I can lift a lot of weight but I know I'm not up to 350. So, am I stronger than a smaller guy...
  20. G

    Losing Weight?

    I know that most of us here prefer a larger significant other...however...do you support people who want to get into shape? I know this will sound silly, and I know that I'm not a bad looking guy, but I do have a confession. About four years ago I was actually at 203 and to be honest, I felt the...