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  1. D

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    The last 5 songs that just played on my playlist: 1. Stacked Actors - The Foo Fighters 2. Princess of China - Coldplay 3. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles 4. Wonderful - India.Arie 5. Let Go - Everest
  2. D

    How about Some Eyes? Eye Photos

    Might as well post ole' Righty.
  3. D

    How about Some Eyes? Eye Photos

    Blue mixed with brown. The other eye has more of a green tint than blue, though.
  4. D

    "Movie Watchers" Baker's Dozen

    there's 17 - but none are "famous"... and most are made-for-tv garbage piles. next movie list should definitely not be about rare animals...
  5. D

    "Movie Watchers" Baker's Dozen

    NEXT CATEGORY; Alligator or Crocodile Movies, the leading roles and the year released. 1. Crocodile Dundee - Paul Hogan (1986) 2. Lake Placid (1999) Bill Pulman, Bridget Fonda 3. Rogue - Michael Vartan (2008) 4. Tarzan's Secret Treasure - Weissmuller (1941) 5. Blood Surf - Dax Miller...
  6. D

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    "The Happening" 1/10 :mad: Just awful... no flow to the plot, very strange secondary characters, stilted dialog, and dull. M. Night used to be one of my favorite directors after Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village.... Lady in the Water was bad, and I figured "The Happening"...
  7. D

    Music Questionaire

    1.Beatles or Stones? stones 2.Floyd or Zep? flloyd 3.Pearl Jam or Nirvana? pearl jam 4.Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains? STP 5.Macy Gray or The Black Eyed Peas? uhhhhh.... no? 6.Bob or Ziggy Marley? bob 7.Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey? how about nails on a...
  8. D

    Maritime peeps

    hey man - im a gaining guy on PEI. Not a whole lot of fat-lovin' maritimers around. Hows everything in Anne Murray land? give me a shout sometime if ya want, [email protected] just looking to chat with some like-minded people around here - im 24, 360lbs, easy-going fat guy
  9. D

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    Transformers 0/10 - man, i know it's based on a crappy kids tv show, but god. Live Free or Die Hard 6/10 - Fun, lots of great action - the best one since the first Die Hard. Forrest Gump 10/10 - hadn't seen the whole thing until now... wow.
  10. D

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 10/10 One of the best comedies ever, and one of my top 10 movies. Only other comedy I've seen with this many laughs is Blazing Saddles.
  11. D

    Canadian Trivia (all are welcome)

    1. Where is 'the bright-red mud', and who is driving from there? (For that matter, what's he taking with him, and who's singing about him?) PEI - where I live. Bud the Spud (potatoes, Stompin' Tom Connors) 2. What CBC radio hostess (BBW) left her show to host her own daytime television talk...
  12. D

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: Kevin Age: 23 Location: Atlantic Coast, Canada Profession: Film/Video/Photography Music: Alternative Rock (Matthew Good Band, I Mother Earth), movie scores, pretty much anything besides Bluegrass and Honky Tonk Country. Movies: Can never watch enough movies - Some favourites: Gandhi...
  13. D

    East Coast

    I'm an east coaster that hasn't moved away. Im a gay guy on PEI, 23, around 330lbs, and in a relationship. There's very few Maritime folk on here and on other sites - although we're supposed to be Canada's most overweight provinces... :confused:
  14. D

    Growing Pains

    When I was about 4, I took a rock and drew all over the side of my mom's car. :doh: Let's just say she didn't appreciate the fine arts. hehe Luckily, 4 year olds don't have the strength to scratch all the way to the metal... after a little buffing, it wasn't too noticable.
  15. D

    What song is STUCK in your head?

    Dolly Parton's "Fool For Love". It's on the 'Reservoir Dogs' soundtrack, and is a bit out of place when you're listening to the CD. It's grown on me, and I can't get it out of my head. Probably the only country song I know all the words to... hehe