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  1. S

    Ye Olde Library link removal

    Thank you so much for your reply. I can completely understand the reasons for removing Ye Olde Library stories. All valid reasons. I look forward to seeing those stories that are moved to the story forums that consist of appropriate material! Thanks again for answering my question.
  2. S

    What happened to the weight room stories?

    Maybe I'm missing something? I can't find the old weight room stories. Can anybody help me out?
  3. S

    Growing Up and Out (SSBBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex)

    Great start! Keep the next chapters coming!
  4. S

    Looking for particular kind of competition story

    Thanks Coop1 I appreciate it very much! I sure wish I could get a few more ideas from SOMEBODY! I sure wish I could remember the story that I'm thinking of! It's funny, I can remember there was a girl named Gina in it, but I can't remember the name of the story! Darn darn darn!
  5. S

    Looking for particular kind of competition story

    Hi! I'm looking for stories where two or more women try to outgain each other in order to win the affections of the same man. Or any variations thereof? Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  6. S

    good office wg stories

    I know you are going to think I'm a total moron, but I can't figure out how to search for these stories. Help?
  7. S

    looking for yet another story

    I'm looking for a story that goes vaguely like this. I think the male character has a bbw girlfriend whom he breaks up with because she is reluctant to gain weight. Sometime later they run into each other and he is with another bbw that they both know who has gained a lot of weight for him. The...
  8. S

    looking for a story...of course!

    thank you very much for that info mp7251! I really appreciate it.
  9. S

    The older I find myself attracted to increasingly bigger and bigger women

    I posted earlier that I find myself attracted to bigger women as I get older. While that is true, I should have made my point more clearly. It seems that as I get older I find I am attracted to bigger women than when I was younger. Don't get me wrong, I am still very much attracted to ladies...
  10. S

    looking for a story...of course!

    It's a story about a husband who goes away for a year or so for work and while gone his wife secretly fattens herself up for him. Any help would be very appreciated. thanks.
  11. S

    Any Women into CDs

    I am a heterosexual crossdresser as are most crossdressers. I have been a crossdresser all my life and it can be a very lonely feeling. I must say I wish the internet had been around when I was in my teens. I may have sought a mentor, (female) to help me be myself much sooner in life. For many...
  12. S

    find myself attracted to bigger women as I get older...how about you?

    I have seen posts by other men saying that they were attracted to bigger woman at different times in their lives and I find that as I get older I am increasingly attracted to bigger women. I'm interested in knowing about other peoples' experience on this subject.
  13. S

    hard wired from birth to admire fat...I know I am. How about you?

    It's really nice to have som many responses to my post, and it seems there are many different points of view which is refreshing to say the least. And FAbrony points out something I'm sure countless FA's have lived with, myself included...not just the pro-thin society we live in, but a...
  14. S

    hard wired from birth to admire fat...I know I am. How about you?

    I have to believe that we are just who we are and no amount of questioning why we love the fat body is going to find a definitive answer. I have to believe we are just born that way, especially because I personally have no control over it whatsoever. It's just the way I am. NO complaints! How do...
  15. S

    looking for a halloween story

    I believe the story you are looking for is right here. It's in the library under author's unknown. http://dimensionsmagazine.com/dimtext/stories/bewitched.html
  16. S

    Rudeness and clueless

    I just want to relate a quick story of what I consider to be rudeness, possibly brought on by ignorance. Or maybe I'm being too kind and giving somebody the benifit of the doubt. I am in a very loving long term relationship with who I consider to be my soulmate. A few days ago she and I...
  17. S

    The View from the Back

    You are a very beautiful and sensuous lady!
  18. S

    still looking for a story

    I probably didn't do a very good job of describing the story the last time. It's about a fat girl who gains weight to win back her boyfriend from another fat girl who she also knows, who's been gaining weight to keep him. Roughly...Any ideas?