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  1. G

    BBW Desert Promise

    This is the best story I've read in recent memory, absolutely fantastic! I absolutely cannot wait to read more!
  2. G

    The Fantasy Archive has moved!

    Where is the special interest board? I don't see it.
  3. G

    Phantom Gains by Marlow

    Anyone know where this story has gone? I was just reading it this morning and now can't find it anywhere
  4. G

    BBW On the hunt for a story

    Yes! That was it! Thank you!!
  5. G

    BBW On the hunt for a story

    Those are both close, and were great reads, but I don't think either one was the one I'm thinking of. Thanks for the help!
  6. G

    BBW On the hunt for a story

    Hey all! I'm trying to find a story I read awhile back, it was about a husband and wife who had a deal that one month out of each year he would get to fatten her up, and the rest of the year she would try to lost the weight he had her gain, the story would jump ahead year after year as she got...