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  1. deeexit

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    ... when you realize you are already a member of this board for 14 years! :) Cheers!
  2. deeexit

    Calling all Youngsters!

    hitting 25 a few days back...definite FA :)
  3. deeexit

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    went on a wedding ;) not mine of course! and also some pics from holidays :)
  4. deeexit

    What is your weight right now?

    well I weight at about 190 lbs. It would be fun to get to know someone over 400lbs :) As I come from Europe, we are kindda in a big lack of fantastic big women. Hope it changes someday, so keep your fingers crossed! :)
  5. deeexit

    The Scale: Friend or Foe?

    i have a scale, but never used it...i kindda go by my pants :)
  6. deeexit

    2010 Volunteers - Calling All Repeat & New Staff Members!

    oh, yes i thought wrong :) thanks for the correction... anyway, hope you make it global someday ;) will be the first to join :) make it a great bash ;)
  7. deeexit

    2010 Volunteers - Calling All Repeat & New Staff Members!

    would love to help ;) ever thought you would do the show in Europe? It would be a nice change for SSBBW lovers from Europe, who cant just move to Vegas for a week :)
  8. deeexit

    Feel the Love, feel Slovenia ;)

    So hello to everyone out there! I was wondering if there is any scene in Slovenia with SSBBW ladies. Its true that we are a small country, but we have a great tast in women ;) And when it comes to ssbbw, there is nothing to compare them to other women. Its just too addictive :) Hope to see...