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  1. OIFMountaineer

    2011 Singles thread

    I think all the Bruces, Herberts, and any other funny voices you have need to be posted in the Say What Now? thread.
  2. OIFMountaineer

    I'm New Here

    Hi Sarah, welcome to Dims!
  3. OIFMountaineer

    2011 Singles thread

    Oh Noooooo! I knooooww!
  4. OIFMountaineer

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    There isn't an appropriate emoticon for the props I give you on this one. Go you, Go you. :bow:
  5. OIFMountaineer

    The Greatest Inventions Or Discoveries

    "Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza" -Dave Barry-
  6. OIFMountaineer

    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    The refrigerator ninja strikes again!
  7. OIFMountaineer

    2011 Singles thread

    "I'm just a little excited cause I met somebody today! Someone in the bookstore! Someone who likes the same kind a literature I do! Oh and the adventure begins again!" Yeah, it kinda feels like that.
  8. OIFMountaineer

    Internet Dating: Crazy First Messages

    And it's that gift that makes me want to meet you. Bum play can be negotiated.
  9. OIFMountaineer

    Internet Dating: Crazy First Messages

    Be careful, someone, some time, is gonna call your bluff on that one. And, a woman's is different, because girls don't poop.
  10. OIFMountaineer

    What would you like to do _TO_ the previous poster?

    Go to the Sharp Edge (A yinzer Beer restaraunt) with him.
  11. OIFMountaineer

    Happy Birthday MissStacie

    Happy Birthday Stacie!
  12. OIFMountaineer

    when you

    This is an utterly brilliant idea. I'd never thought about that before.
  13. OIFMountaineer

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Well this is a curious reaction; I think I'll enjoy it.
  14. OIFMountaineer

    Rep whines

    Before I answer that, let me seek the advice of counsel. Paging LL...
  15. OIFMountaineer

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    You and your dog look epic together. Duh. Winning.
  16. OIFMountaineer

    Rep whines

    Tell me, do you write the fine print of liability waiver forms? :D:p
  17. OIFMountaineer

    Happy Birthday Lovelylady78!!!!

    Deja vu... I feel like I just did this. Odd. Anyway, have a great day, and I hope tonight goes even better!
  18. OIFMountaineer

    Happy Birthday Lovelylady78!

    Happy Birthday, to one of my favourite West Virginians! You're right up there with Don Knotts.
  19. OIFMountaineer

    The show your face/introduction thread

    What an incredible picture milfy! Very well done.
  20. OIFMountaineer

    Post one random thing that made you laugh.

    When shopping for an eyeball-scanning security checkpoint system, I accidentally ordered a "rectal scanner." Luckily, it keeps out the strangers just as well.