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    Self acceptance as a BHM

    I've recently started my journey of self acceptance, I'm doing cognitive behavioural therapy, I've just been diagnosed type 2 diabetes so I'm trying to look after myself a bit more, I'm not trying actively to loose weight although I was told that I might have to :( I want to know other BHMs...
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    The proposition

    Ok, I need some advice, well maybe I don't maybe I just need to say whats been on my mind for the past few days bouncing around like a bluebottle in a light fitting. One of my friends recently spoke to me of his insecurities about his girlfriend going out with our group when he wasn't there...
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    Favourite novelty t-shirts

    I just thought it would be a fun idea, my camera's broke but I managed to find the two best ones I own on tinternet enjoy :)
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    Writers! Male or Female Protagonist?

    Twas an odd thing the other day, as I sat delaying my start of national novel writing month talking with fellow participants; I realised that pretty much all of my writings have female protagonists; the reasoning behind which I am uncertain but it sparked off this question: Do you write Male...
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    Halloween Costume Suggestion thread

    Not much preparation time left till the time comes once again to don scary apparel and stalk the streets/bars for the souls of the living/spirits and mixers. anyways, if anyone needs help coming up with ideas for their costumes, share your troubles here. at the moment I'm toying with the...
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    The Six Word Story Challenge Thread.

    For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn Is a six word story written by Ernest Hemingway possibly for a bet here's some more: Vacuum collision. Orbits diverge. Farewell, love. - David Brin Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so. - Joss Whedon Automobile warranty expires. So does engine...
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    Ok so when the mood strikes to sing like an inhebriated fool what's your choice? I'm currently favouring : Hallelujah : buckley or wainright Come up and see me : Cockney Rebel Hand that feeds : Nine Inch Nails also anyone have hilarious karaoke-related tales to tell? not hilarious but...
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    I'm off to Uni!

    never thought I'd be saying/typing those words but I had a change of heart after travelling so I'm now a BA (hons) Writing Comtemporary Fiction student of Southampton Solent university Boo-ya! my father was nearly in tears when I told him!
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    Favourite Capital City

    Got back from me travels about a week and a bit ago and took in four Capital Cities on my way (technically six if you include airports) and I was wondering what peoples favourite capitals were (excluding your own) whether you had visited them or have a strong desire to upsticks and go there So...
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    ok so I've just experienced my first authentic Japanese karaoke (we originally went to a festival but it got rained off, that is to say that it was rained off because we were in Japan, in England it would have been considered normal weather) anyway so for about Six quid each we get a booth and...
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    um, excuse me, just where do you think you're going?

    no its not a shoplifting thread, I was just thinking about direction, as in "where you are going in life" so I thought I would start a thread for people to share their thoughts on direction, their ambitions and how they found their niche in life, well if anyone has yet I also started it so I...
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    Favourite Current Cartoons

    I just wanted to start this thread because rarely a day goes by that I don't watch at least 2 of my five a day cartoons, at the moment I'm addicted to American Dad and Family Guy but have just discovered The Boondocks which is freakin' hilarious and the animation style reminds me of Samurai...
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    all dressed up?

    Now for those of you that don't know the lovely Southampton, we have here an alternative club called "the Dungeon" tis a brilliant hole even if the dancefloor isn't too great they always play awesome tunes and have 2 bars and a huge patio area out back where the smokers a penned in, anyway theme...
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    Change and save

    Ok, so hypothetically, if you had the power to change one thing about the world instananeously what would you change? would it affect everyone or just you? is it for "the greater good" or for personal pleasure? also, what is it you like about the world being the way it is? what one thing...
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    The Food Combination way

    Has anybody tried the Food Combination way of eating? I know several people whom have been on it and have had good results so I'm going to try it for myself and document my trials and tribs here, the basic principle behind this scheme is that your digestive system needs to produce acids to...
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    The most stimulating conversation you ever had..

    I'm genuinely interested, especially since I've more or less gone t-total conversations are the fabric of my nights out (its frikkin cheap too!). So what do you like to discuss with your peers, family etc? language, culture, music, the law, morality, politics, war, religion, god(s), film...
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    What's it like where you work?

    Well I'm into the third day of my call handling job here in Hedge End southern England and this place is full of bbws, bhms, fas possibly even some ffas but I'm less good at spotting them, this place is an untapped goldmine for the size acceptance community, seriously anyone in the southampton...
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    What do you call . . . ?

    What do you call the male equivalent of a faghag? as in a straight guy who hangs around with lesbians, we've had literally minutes of fun coming up with suggestions but I'd like to see what springs to your minds feel free to add more "What do you call . . .?" questions, serious or jokey it...
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    The Thread Of Heroes!

    You will need, this site here, you create your hero, its fairly simple to grasp the basics, there are more complex options like mucking about with the layer order of body/costume parts but once you are finished take a screen shot...