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    Best Meal Schedule for Weight Gain

    Sumo wrestling is a sport where size matters what they do is eat two large meal a day to gain. Think about it to speed up you metabolize eat 6 small meal a day so slowing it down you would eat less often and eatting 2 large meals the calorie overload your body will turn the extra calories to...
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    How much heavier to be a bbw?

    Your medium or maybe chubby in the picture. I guess about 150 another 20 lb you'll be chubby and another 20 lb the start of Bbw and that could go for the next 100 lb then it's the start of Ssbbw. So enjoy yourself you've got a lot of good food and beautiful curves to grow and these is the...
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    Feederism Today

    I don't know about all that but Heather your still hot😍🤓
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    Good place to post request for gaining help?

    Sweetie I'd love to see your 160 pounds. And growing on goats milk that's sexy are you curvy
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    What are the advantages of being fat

    Advantage of being fat overall strength your just stronger for a guy. Now a women it just beautiful, big fat ass, round hips, thick juicy thighs, full boobs, juicy arms, cute double chin, big round belly and overall softness, sexiness. Yes the girl is stronger too, but just sexy. How did thin...
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    Going to gain, not sure what it will be like

    Your going to look a lot sexier then at 6'2 and a body with big curves WOW
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    Long distance feeding

    No that's stuff you dream about my friend, so enjoy yourself my luck friend and treasure that woman.
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    My gaining journey thus far.

    From 98 pounds to that gorgeous belly you have now. Wow then the beautiful stretchmarks you must have gained pretty fast its like you had a baby. I hope you love your new body cause its really beautiful if you were my girl you'd be getting all the loving you want, and of course all the food your...
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    My big, fat belly. <3

    That was just beautiful love your belly then your cute smile.&#55357;&#56856;
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    Any love for sort of "unconventional" bellies (aka fat apron)

    Your perfectly normal and pretty, everybody belly going to drop the bigger it gets you have nice apron. I just love the feel and softness of a fat belly like your just love it.
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    Q about lower bellies.

    Love a woman that gains weight in hips, butt, thighs the lower belly is just icing on the cake. Keep gaining babe its got to go to the belly eventually. It's all lovely sweetie.
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    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    Yes your right you should have been drop off closer. But I do love to hear a women huffing and buffing, I'd kissing your ass all those miles and rub those toes, shit we would have never made to concert.
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    Hey friends ,im Luna : )

    Hi Luna you sure are nice looking lady have you lived in Texas
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    Fatten up supermodel

    Latin women are as beautiful as any other women around the world and come in all shapes and sizes i just like the big one lol
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    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    The Reality about being with SSBBW is the sex is out of this world that the reality lol no you just need to slow down be patient men tend to be in a hurry all the time
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    The Reality Of Dating An SSBBW

    The Reality about being with SSBBW is the sexy is out of this world that the reality lol no you just need to slow down be patient men tend to be in a hurry all the time
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    From Foodee to Feedee

    I'm a feeder a there is nothing that turns me on more taking a woman to her favorite resturant and watching her eat then having her for dessert. Feeling that full belly and sadisfied look on her face big turn on. Love them girls with a good appetite they will fatten up quick.
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    What's the problem? :S

    So you want tips on how to fatten up your girlfriend thats not hard to do. Just feeder her take her where she likes to eat tell her you like her new curves. Remember most women that are happy and in love will gain weight
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    What is your clothing preference for a gaining woman

    I think loose, baggy, stretchy clothing is best the feedee will gain more weight cause she comfortable so she will eat more
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    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    love it working out with fat girl turns me on all that huffing and puffing sounds like sex to me just love it