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  1. J

    Types of stories

    Hey everyone. Just thought I’d kick around a few things. Do people tend to gravitate towards stories that are completely unrealistic or more realistic these days? Thanks.
  2. J

    When It Finally Catches Up With You

    [Author's Note: Hey Everyone. Long time no see. Just posting a story of mine, hope you all enjoy it. Thanks. Jake (JMJ) Be sure to check out my deviant art page for more like this. ] When It Finally Catches Up With You By Jake (JMJ) and ST July, 2015...
  3. J


    Hey everyone. As I continue to work on some stories I was wondering if there was an artist out there interested in putting together an illustrated story with me. Got a ton of ideas and honestly would like one to be more than just words. Thanks. Jake (JMJ)
  4. J

    Where to next

    Hello all. So my latest story is just about finished, 3-4 parts left with the next part about half done. Just trying to figure out what to write next. I have an idea for a story about the munchies and then being involved in an office type setting, as well as a story about a woman getting...
  5. J

    BBW Security Detail Can Be Fattening (Formerly The Ruby Ring)

    [Hello everyone. Here it is. I've made some edits to my old story and started it in a new direction. Hope you all enjoy.] Security Detail Can Be Fattening Jake (JMJ) "Why are we in antique shop again Ro?" George sullenly asked his friend as he looked towards the exit of the store. They...
  6. J

    Best stories out there the moment

    Hello all, hope everyone is well. Just wondering what some people consider to be some good stories that are just now being put out there etc. Always good to read new works that catch people's eyes. These stories don't have to be limited to just Dimensions. Thanks. Jake (JMJ)
  7. J

    Office/secretary stories

    This may have been asked before so I apologize in advance of it has, but does anyone know of some good office/secretarial weight gain stories? This seems to be a genre that doesn't have too many stories. I'm still trying to finish the next part of the ruby ring story and once that is...
  8. J

    Alien Takeover

    Hello all. For some reason my story "Alien Takeover" has gone missing from the board. Any reason for this? Thanks. Jake (JMJ)
  9. J

    Haunted house/haunting weight gain stories

    Hello all. Here's an interesting question, anyone know of any good haunted house weight gain stories. I'm talking about stories that may or may not involve possession but most imply that someone moves into the home and then begins to gain weight. I know of Phantom Gains and Haunting of...
  10. J

    Ideas for next story

    Hey everyone. I'm almost done with my current story and was throwing out some ideas for my next one. Doesn't seem to be as much activity on this board as there used to be so I thought it'd be good to see what people think. I'm not going to go into detail much on what I may write but just wanted...
  11. J

    Pet peeves/dislikes

    Just curious as to what some of them were to you all. To me it would probably be the all too neat happy ending where the hot girl/hot guy who the main character is after turns out to be a fat admirer. It's nice but something I think has been used too much. I've been guilty of it in my writing...
  12. J

    BBW The Ruby Ring

    Hello all. This is the start of a new story for me. It's going to take awhile (I have a lot of ideas mapped out) to finish, plus it's going to be a lot darker than most of the things I have written, just wanted to give you all a heads up. Thanks again and enjoy. Jake (JMJ) The Ruby Ring...
  13. J

    Late Night - by Jake (JMJ) - (~BBW (multiple), magic, ~SWG)

    BBW (multiple), magic, ~SWG - two roommates are rewarded by a unique inheritance Author's note: Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I've been going back and forth with this idea in my head and figured I'd put pen to paper, so to speak. This is not really that great of a story (not that my...
  14. J

    Looking for a comic/story

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this. I remember a couple of years ago someone mentioning a graphic novel about a district attorney who was dating an athletic woman but having a penchant for larger women. He tries to date three separate women and eventually his girlfriend finds...
  15. J

    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    Editor's Note: This first post is a small excerpt posted as a teaser for the story that starts in post #6. [Author’s Note:]Hello again everyone. I've finally dusted off the old computer and decided to start writing again. I've been doing a lot of story boarding on other projects but finally...
  16. J

    E.L. Productions

    Hello. I was wondering if someone could possibly help me with this. About two, maybe three years ago, there was a site, E.L. Productions, that sold comics, mostly about giants, but they occassionally did stories involving weight gain. Two in particular stuck out in my head, one was about a...
  17. J

    Something that has been floating through my head

    Hello all. With Alien Takeover coming to an end, I have started to plot out two stories that I'm thinking about working on, one a semi-realistic weight gain story and a continuation to Alien Takeover, but with other characters. However, I am open to ideas and would like to hear what some of...
  18. J

    The Bakery - by Jake (JMJ) (SSBBW (Multiple). Eating, Romance, ~XWG)

    SSBBW (Multiple). Eating, Romance, ~XWG - an entire town becomes part of a great research project [Author's Note: Here is one of the first stories I posted on Dimensions. Hope this can tide you over until I post more of my new story, which hopefully will be either tonight or Tuesday night...
  19. J

    Jake (JMJ)'s thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Jake (JMJ), who has not yet designated any tales as representative of his work: The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword Jake. We recommend conducting author searches from the full library bar, located...
  20. J

    Alien Takeover (Parts 1-7) - by Jake (aka JMJ) (~BBW, Alien magic, Intrigue, ~XWG)

    ~BBW, Alien magic, Intrigue, ~XWG - all she wanted was a unique job, what she got was inter-planetary in scope Alien Take Over Part 1 - 7 By Jake (JMJ) [Author's Note: Hello all. It's been awhile since I last started a story. Thankfully I have a little bit of free time again so I can...