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    Gainer Guys Talk About Gaining

    I suspect there are a number of couples out there who are gaining together, although necessarily on purpose. However, they aren't making any effort to stop gaining either. That's pretty much the situation at my house. My beautiful Italian-American wife weighs about 300, and I'm about 250. We...
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    "In Praise Of Fat" - film feature exploring the sensuality of full-figured women

    Whoa! Pretty hot, actually. I got a this film.
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    "Addicted" to BBWs?

    This happened to me recently: A friend who knows my preference for big girls and I were in the car, and he noticed me staring at a (very hot) young BBW on the sidewalk as we were stopped at a light. As we pulled away, he said, "I think you're addicted to fat girls" and laughed, as I did too. We...
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    When did you first realize that FA exist?

    I knew I preferred big girls as soon as I hit puberty. I became aware that there were other guys who shared my preference when I ran across magazines like Plumpers and Buf (pre-internet days) at about age 18 or so. It wasn't until some years later that I heard the term FA.
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    When did you realize you were fat?

    Good question. I've told this story before in another thread, but here is is again in summary: I was married in my early 50s to a high school sweetheart after being widowed. She is of italian heritage, a great cook, and a bit of an unacknowledged FA. I am about 6'1", and weighed about 180lbs...
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    You know your a BHM when??

    Good topic! I've told some of my story here before, but here is is again in summary: I was married in my 50s to a high school sweetheart after being widowed. She is of italian heritage, a great cook, and a bit of an unacknowledged FA. I am about 6'1", and weighed about 180lbs when we got...
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    Conflicted About Gaining - Help!

    VERY true. As I know first hand, weight gain (intentional or not) is rarely a completely positive experience. To illustrate, my story, briefly, which has been told (mostly) here before: When I married at age 52, I was muscular/athletic at 6'1", 175 lbs. I started gaining, at first...
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    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    Good Question-I had a fairly muscular athletic build in my teens/20s, at about 6'0" and 195 lbs. In my 30-40s, I didn't really see myself as getting fat (although I was)because my upper body stayed about the same as my belly filled out. Now, at 240 or so, I basically look barrel-chested, and my...
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    Flaunting your fat.

    This is the only place I've "flaunted" just hit 200 lbs for the first time, and still deciding how I feel about it.
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    200 lbs

    This is what 200 lbs. looks like. The biggest I've ever been. Some of you here may remember me-I got married to a wonderful woman 8 months ago who has made it known that she likes bigger men. And she's a great cook. I've gained about 25...
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    undecided about gaining

    Thanks guys. good points. No doubt many people gain weight after they get married, and so far i've basically enjoyed it. But that's after only about 20 lbs. I'm pretty comfortable with myself. I can't really do crunches anymore like I used to, but I don't seem to miss them. Will it be...
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    undecided about gaining

    I posted on the BHM/FFA board before, but on second thought, this is probably the better place. As a 52 year old widower, I married a beautiful woman last year who has encouraged(or at least not discouraged) me to gain. She is a wonderful italian cook and has commented on how skinny I was...
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    update Ok, here's me after struggling and "sucking it all in" to get these pants buttoned. The effect of about 8 months of marriage to a wonderful cook and FFA.
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    thanks, Fred. I'll give it a try.
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    Hi all. I posted a few months back about myself. I married (at 53) a woman who appears to be a FFA, who has subtly encouraging me to gain weight. In that time, I've gotten about 10lbs heavier, with a noticeable belly. I didn't realize it until today i tried to put on some pants i hadn't work...
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    Update from a newcomer

    Some of you here may remember I posted a few months back. In May of this year, I married a woman who seemed to be an FFA. She frequently commented on how much she liked big men, and that she couldn't wait to start cooking for me. We're both a little older(i'm 52 and she's 50) and I was already...
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    Question from a newcomer

    SanDiega-that may well be, but I'm not sure she is even aware of "us," or that an online community like this exists. She's never mentioned it to me, so i just can't say. And, I don't know whether that is good or bad. Should one introduce a partner(potential partner) to this community? As...
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    Question from a newcomer

    thanks, guys. Here's the latest: so we're going shopping together in the mall(I know, I know) and we come to the men's section in Dillard's department store. There is a mannequin with patterned boxers from Calvin Klein. She pauses in front of it, and(knowing I wear briefs) says quietly in my...
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    Question from a newcomer

    Hi to all. I am new to this board and the whole FFA/BHM/BBW/feeding/gaining/etc scene. Here's my situation: I am 52 years old, widowed(after many years) and recently engaged to a wonderful woman who I knew in high school but hadn't seen in many years. She is my age, divorced, and quite...
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    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Hi all. 52yo. WM widowed, and recently engaged. I'm new to this board and the whole FFA/BHM/BBW concept in general. I've got some questions that i thought might be answered here, but i'll post them on a individual thread.