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    My 600-pound Life: New TLC Show

    Just a head's up...another one of these shows of a person losing hundreds of pounds (through surgery) and the producers and participants treating it really like a circus side-show kind of thing is about to premiere tomorrow. My 600 Pound Life on TLC. To add insult to injury, they use a snippet...
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    Encounter with Fat Hate: The Room (movie)

    Recently I went to a midnight showing of this horrible, horrible movie called The Room which came out in 2003 - and is really just a terrible movie on every level, but because of its horrendous acting and indiscernible plot, it has become a kind of hilarious cult film that people love to make...
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    Great Fat-Themed T-Shirts

    I saw this t-shirt posted in a facebook group and had to have it, so I just ordered it. Great social commentary. I know there are a bunch of other T-shirts that also make humorous and/or insightful points that also come under the umbrella of size acceptance - what are some other good ones?
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    Bra Breakage

    Is it a normal thing for bras to break? Specifically, the underwires? Or does that mean I'm wearing the wrong size? It seems like lately in some of my bras the underwires have been snapping in two after a few months. They also will sometimes bust through the top in the front with their pointy...
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    Caregiver Tips and Wisdom

    I currently find myself serving as a caregiver for a parent who had a very brutal cancer surgery a couple weeks ago. It involves taking care of a new tracheostomy and helping with G-tube feedings (including crushing and administering medicines through the tube), as well as random other things...
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    Fat Halloween: Costume Ideas

    So...I tend to like to rock my fatness for Halloween, and to go as something or someone or a character or an entity that is typically known to be fat/big/round/etc. I just have more fun with it that way. But I'm wanting to stockpile more ideas of who/what I (and other fat people) could be...
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    Buying Used Clothes I think there was a thread about this, but I can't find it. I am continually frustrated going to thrift stores, because while I like the idea of sharing clothes and passing them around instead of always having to buy brand-new garments, and I like finding cheap deals on interesting...
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    Film about Plus-Size Scuba Divers: Weightless

    Just saw this preview of a new documentary film called Weightless about a fat woman who begins a camp for fat women to go scuba diving! Sounds awesome, so I wanted to share it! Here's some info from the distributor:
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    Street Food Pics!, I love street food. When I travel, either out of state or abroad, or even in my own city, I often love eating the street food way more than the fancy restaurants. I remembered how true this was today when I got my lunch from a couple of street vendors. (Okay, to be totally...
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    Fat Shame: How do you deal?

    As a fat person, there will be times out in the world where the way the world is constructed will not be hospitable to our bodies. And depending on body size, this can come up just once in a while, or multiple times on a daily basis. And if you choose as a fat person not to let the inhospitable...
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    International Fat Travel - Picture Thread!

    Travel can be one of those things that, particularly as fat people, some of us can tend to get kind of angsty about (see any number of threads on "flying fat" etc.). And I think traveling internationally can feel like even more of an ominous thing, since the built world isn't usually made with...
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    Article: Is Agustin Carstens too Fat to be IMF Chief?

    Here is an article that asks the question about whether due to his "morbid obesity" (geez, that phrase is so horrible), Agustin Carstens should not be considered for the position of IMF chief since it's such a demanding job and potentially his "energy level" and "health" may not be up for it...
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    Guys Who Like Fat Chicks: Village Voice Article

    I am surprised no one has yet posted up this article that prominently featured several (active and inactive) members of the Dimensions community. It's in the Village Voice and called "Guys Who Like Fat Chicks." Overall I really liked it - it described some of the realities of men liking and...
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    Natural Hair Dye Techniques

    So...I've gotten to the point where I've been dying my hair with permanent store-bought hair dye about every couple months (mostly to cover some graying at my roots near the front, etc.). But I don't feel really awesome about this. It's clear there are tons of chemicals in there, and I don't...
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    Healthy Eating on the Cheap: Help Please!

    Since this is about both health and food, I didn't really know which forum to put it in. If it needs to be moved, feel free, but I thought it might fit better here. Here's the issue (and FTR, I was asked for help by the person running this household, I'm not just giving my unsolicited advice...
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    Dims and your Significant Other

    For women who met your significant other outside of Dims (either in your current relationship or a previous one), or outside of a specifically fat-centric community, how do you feel about telling them about Dims, or giving them the link so they can browse around for themselves? Did you do it...
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    indi Denim Custom Jeans

    Anybody tried them? I know they're expensive ($155) but there's a groupon today taking the cost down to $85... It looks like they go up to a waist measurement of 56".
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    "Unconventional" Bodies and Camaraderie

    I have found that I tend to feel an affinity for people with what society would label "unconventional" bodies. I think that's because, as a fat person, my embodiment leads me to experience the world in a certain way - and part of that means that at times I don't quite fit, or I experience social...
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    Thanksgiving Menus - 2010

    I'm down visiting my family, and my mom and I are finalizing what all we are going to make for Thanksgiving this week. I'll post the list when we finish figuring out. What all is going to be on your Thanksgiving table this year?
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    Funny Things from Online Dating Profiles

    Okay, so, there have been a lot of times where I read a guy's dating profile and I burst into laughter. Sometimes it's because of a misspelling or misunderstanding that changes the meaning in a funny way, or he asks for something that is so ridiculous it makes me crack up. For example, one time...