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    FA 'tells'

    I remember 6 or 7 years ago while I was having lunch with my mother in a restaurant I saw a (thin) guy spoon feeding his bbw girlfriend/wife. I couldn't take my eyes off of them as much as I tried. I always have my hand on my bf's love handles. My favourite thing in public is sneaking my hand...
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    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    i just had a shower and was too lazy to dress, and i took it with a web cam, so it's pretty bad. sorry [img=][img=]
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    The Incredible Expanding Boy!

    ummm... i'm blushing righht now, but that's just the most beautiful belly i've seen.
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    The Incredible Expanding Boy!

    you have really amazing body noting to be ashamed of, just proud :wubu:
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    Approaching 100 Pounds Gained!

    beautiful:wubu: more pics please:wubu::wubu::wubu:
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    what causes fetishism

    and, i don't really like calling it fetishism, because than it looses it charm, but i couldn't come up with better name
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    what causes fetishism

    usually i'm more lurking around here than anything, but.. i have a question what do you think/know causes fetishm what do you think what caused your fetishism. if it is genes, well my grandma was a big woman, while my grandpa was skinny. and she never tried to loose weight. i even...
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    Stretch Marks? Is it good or bad?

    for me, stretchmarks are definitely huuuge plus. i love them :)
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    New Pictures of Me

    i looove the stretchmarks
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    On the Couch - by Caliban (~~BBW, Stuffing)

    i love it. this one is definitely my favourite!
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    BHM in literature

    i remember reading some preeteen book when i was about eleven. it was about a boy trying to loose wieght. i remember reading how his bell got rounded after he overate himself. he was in love with a girl who suffered leukemia. at the end she beats illness, and tells him that is ok he is fat...
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    BHMs! Get creative!

    i was just imagining something like that while looking at photos. chris, you look great in that!!
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    Man Boobs Curiosity

    i have to agree
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    Assumptions that fat folk will date other fat folk?

    people sometimes make remarks on the street, at least were i live (well, used to live). once me and my ex were going out and guy that was passing by said 'wow, if i was that fat maybe i would have a hot girl like her' or something like that. anyways, he said that in negative sense. i found it...
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    Post your pets

    here is my little thing. i adore him (i hop pic will turn out good) if guy wants to have something with me, he has to be nice to my dog.. [img=]
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    Beat that, Chris & Mary ! ! ! [SSBHM&FFA Pics]

    how i wish i was her...:)
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    goofing around

    i like bathroom and gardening photos very much :wubu:
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    Favorite fatboy body part?

    overhang ofcourse. back and nice arms. not fat or thin but nice. and hands. i think i have a fetish on hands..........
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    Thoughts on FFAs

    i just wanted to say that i'm thin and i like my guys big. and its the size difference that turns me on. i like to feel protected and take care of. but i like to 'protect' them and take care of them. to squeeze somebody's belly in public is like playing with your girlfriends' tits in front of...