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  1. Al Diggy

    Happy Birthday Carla (a.k.a. Big Booty Asshley)

    Have the happiest birthday ever!!! You deserve it, and i am very, very proud of you! Love u always!
  2. Al Diggy

    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    ...thoughts on the new series on AMC..."The Walking Dead"? For's about time!!! The greatest thing since sliced bread!!!
  3. Al Diggy

    Happy Birthday Carla!!!

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest person ever...and many, many more!!! Cannolis r on me.......literally!!! ;) :smitten:
  4. Al Diggy

    Happy Birthday to Wrestlingguy...

    Just want to say Happy Birthday to a real cool dude...Phil, have a great day, and its football sunday too!!!...what more can u ask for...Enjoy!!!