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  1. Gordo Mejor

    Any love for sort of "unconventional" bellies (aka fat apron)

    You are beautiful. :smitten:
  2. Gordo Mejor

    Q about lower bellies.

    You look lovely. The bigger and lower a belly is, the sexier it is.
  3. Gordo Mejor

    The BBW within: my gf's weight gain journey

    Beautiful story and beautiful woman.
  4. Gordo Mejor

    "The Gaining Life" a new podcast

    This is a great series, and brings up a lot of great points. Very well done. It brings up how many gainers gain and lose and gain. And how there seems to be a gaining cue that is often earlier than puberty. It brought up one question. For those who have gained a lot and lost a lot and...
  5. Gordo Mejor

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    How many FAs and FFAs appreciate the bits in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians where Santa tells Droppo that he can't wear the Santa suit, that he's going to have to fatten up, and then Droppo goes on a feeding binge. :eat1: :D
  6. Gordo Mejor

    Does anyone want to buy a powerchair?

    Your posting is up in the Marketplace, so maybe it just took a little while to display. Did you get a new chair or upgrade?
  7. Gordo Mejor

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    You don't have to be that big to break a chair. One time, after a local NAAFA meeting a bunch of us went to SoupPlantation. I was 6'1" and about 180 at the time. I finished my food and sat up to yawn, I stretched out my arms and suddenly there was a loud "Crack!". The back of the chair had...
  8. Gordo Mejor

    Any science folk on here?

    That's a nice rendering. How did you go from seed to 3D model? What software did you use? I'm not a scientist, but I have made computer graphics to explain science to children.
  9. Gordo Mejor

    Slate Mag Says Mitt Should Get Fat

    Well, there is Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich. A fat Romney wouldn't look out of place.
  10. Gordo Mejor

    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    Keep it up. You can be bigger and bouncy that way.
  11. Gordo Mejor

    Before And After!!!

    Sweet, enjoy every bite. :eat1: :smitten:
  12. Gordo Mejor

    Serious help on rapid weight gain

    Concentrate on eating, not on weight gain. :D Give yourself caloric goals for each day. Slowly over time, increase them. 4,000 calories are a good start, but realize that some of the fattest gainers are eating 15-20K calories a day. Learn to love to eat. Think about food. Eat lots of...
  13. Gordo Mejor

    Perfection Frustration

    It's easy. If you find Ms. Perfect, she's probably looking for Mr. Perfect and you won't measure up. As others have said, you need to examine yourself. Look for compatibility not standards. When I met my ex wife, the first thing I noticed was that I could learn something from her, her...
  14. Gordo Mejor

    The First FA in Modern Fiction?

    The first FA I was aware of was Jack Sprat.
  15. Gordo Mejor

    Shoshie stacks it on

    You're lovely.
  16. Gordo Mejor

    Guys gaining issues.

    I'd be doing everything I could to be moving to Sweden.
  17. Gordo Mejor

    Secret Eateries

    Well, Little Rock is best known for it's cheese dip. The Capitol Hotel is famous for its pimento cheese dip. But if it were me, I'd take a person to Sims Barbecue for a nice pulled pork sandwich or to Layla's for their choice of a felafel or gyros. But there's food to fit every budget and...
  18. Gordo Mejor

    Does dating change?

    By our 50s, we've all been through a number of relationships. Are you looking for the same things in a partner, or have your needs changed?
  19. Gordo Mejor

    Fat partner -- What breaks? What doesn't?

    One day, after a NAAFA chapter meeting a number of us went out to eat at the local Souplantation. I'm an FA, and at that time I was 6'1" and 180. After eating, I pushed the chair back a little and reached my arms out to stretch and yawn. Bam! The back of the chair snapped in two...
  20. Gordo Mejor

    Serious help on rapid weight gain

    Peanuts are a great additive to a high-calorie diet. You can do peanut butter, eat the peanuts, or my favorite, put them into a blender and turn them into a flour that can be included with all kinds of food or mixed with sugar for a tasty treat.