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  1. jazzdentist

    The Dimensions server's death (technical)

    Wow! Conrad, my head hurts just reading about your ordeal! RIP little server! Your post just reveals the tip of the iceberg of all that you do to run this amazing site. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to keep this place going! Hopefully this might encourage more folks to...
  2. jazzdentist

    Katy Passed Away Last Night

    Ned, I am so sorry for your loss. Katy will always be remembered. Peter
  3. jazzdentist

    !!MORE PICS!! Fat Porn by toni

    More lovely memories! I will soon attempt to post my pictures. Yes, Tina, I am that jazzdentist! I also offer a discount to the men of Dimensions as well! It was such a wonderful night - hearing Heather, meeting everyone and hanging afterwards. I look forward to attending more...
  4. jazzdentist

    World's Absolute Best Dentist!

    Janelle, It's a pleasure to hear from you. I fondly remember taking care of you, and wish that I was closer for your convenience. It's always worth a fun trip to the City and a visit to me to complete a wild weekend. (as I do have Saturday hours!) Dr. Peter Silver
  5. jazzdentist

    World's Absolute Best Dentist!

    Missaf, You're absolutely correct. The needs of wind players are not taught in any Dental school and it is only through playing the trumpet for 38 years, both classical and jazz, that I am able to truly help musicians with their mouths. I have saved many careers and put back together...
  6. jazzdentist

    Special Dental offer for Dimensions Readers

    I would like to thank Conrad for allowing me to post this information. For all readers of Dimensions I extend a warm invitation to experience guilt-free dentistry at my office in Manhattan, right on lovely Washington Square Park. For anyone who schedules an appointment with my office at...
  7. jazzdentist

    World's Absolute Best Dentist!

    I would like to thank Feast for her very kind words. And a very special thanks to my girl, Allie for for making my head swell even more! Thanks also to Conrad for his comment as well. Please see the new post about a special offer for Dimensions readers. Dr. Peter Silver