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  1. AtlasD

    Big Fat Liar

    But there was no way I could get back to Atlantic City before the weekend. When I got home I immediately released the two safety pins holding my slacks together. The zipper went of its own accord. I felt new pudge jiggle as I shimmied the slacks off my hips. By slipping a nail under the...
  2. AtlasD

    Big Fat Liar

    Big Fat Liar By AtlasD ~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic “You are really going inside?” Carla looked incredulous. “Why not?” I said. “She’s a harmless old faker- nothing more.” “I don’t know Mandi- I’ve heard stories, curses, that kind of thing. I’ve seen her and she is beyond...
  3. AtlasD

    The Obesity Epidemic Fantasy~XWGN~Mild Sex

    “This is the KBC Evening News with Ed Wheeler.” A hefty Asian woman was seated at the anchor desk. “Good evening, this is Lori Ling. Ed Wheeler is off tonight.” Glad to see they finally stopped trying to conceal their female newscasters behind large desks, I thought to myself...
  4. AtlasD

    The Obesity Epidemic Fantasy~XWGN~Mild Sex

    November 17 Stacie came down with the rash and fever, and is just getting over it now. We knew from the CDC web site that the longer the rash and fever lasted, the greater the weight gain. Usually it lasted 4-7 days. Stacie went a full 11 days, which did not bode well. Stacie keeps...
  5. AtlasD

    The Obesity Epidemic Fantasy~XWGN~Mild Sex

    The Obesity Epidemic By AtlasD Yentingrad, Russia, April 23-Patient Zero Viktor Cheryunov sighed. It was getting late, and the experiment was not going well. The Director was getting impatient for results, but this seemed to be at a dead end. Protocol required that all test...
  6. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    Part Five-Paradise Regained Haley That evening after Jerry and I had ordered dinner Jerry asked if I had thought things over. I said I had, but really had not come to a decision. “Well, after talking my options over with the big shots, I have.” Jerry said. “We’re going home Haley.”...
  7. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    Part Four-Paradise Lost Haley. One year later. “I have news,” Jerry said. “Good news. The consortium said they like what I have done out here, and I’m in line for a promotion. They want to interview me for a management position based in Houston. We can go back home Hon!” “Oh Jerry...
  8. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    Part Three-The Magistrate Jeremiah At sea for another three month stint. We were heading back to port when Haley called on the radio, distraught. She had another summons to appear before the magistrate. “What happened?” I asked, and Haley related the following story: “Maba El and...
  9. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    Part Two-Trouble in Paradise Two weeks later I decided to straighten out things a bit while Jerry was prepping for his first shift at sea. As I was putting out travel cases into the closet I noticed a magazine tucked in the pocket of one of them. It was an American health and fashion mag I...
  10. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    The Magistrate By AtlasD Part One - Paradise Haley The airplane was nearly silent except for the noise of its engines as I flipped page after page…. Noronga is an archipelago of some 300 islands scattered over some 250,000 square miles of ocean roughly 800 miles northeast of...
  11. AtlasD

    Fast Break - by Atlas D (~BBW, Magic, MWG)

    ~BBW, Magic, MWG - Girls learn to never underestimate the opposition Fast Break by AtlasD It began when Shauna, Marita and I were walking to the neighborhood court to shoot some hoop. As we arrived, there were three players already there, passing the ball around and shooting casual...
  12. AtlasD

    Death and such

    There are any number of risky vices, activities and lifestyles people choose because they want to- smoking, drinking, drugs, fast cars, skydiving, extreme sports. People engage in these things because they feel good doing so. And as long as they are not hurting anyone else, that’s their...
  13. AtlasD

    Fashion and the size-o fantasy bubble

    Why did you have to show those pictures from "that fashion mag"? Now I am going to be sick for a week. Are you sure those examples did not come from a New England Journal of Medicine article on anorexia?
  14. AtlasD

    Foreign Nestle commercial - Thin Woman in a Fat World

    The ad was for diet ice cream? Still, the commercial's expression of BBWs being confident, beautiful and desirable was a big positive. As others point out, it seems conflicting and contradictory. The thin young woman would rather be thin and alone with her diet ice cream rather than...
  15. AtlasD

    Foreign Nestle commercial - Thin Woman in a Fat World

    What country is this airing this? Would love to see this commercial and especially this attitude here!
  16. AtlasD

    Found this....thought it amusing

    I'll have a slice of chocolate cream, please. :eat2:
  17. AtlasD

    Calling all Geezers.......

    51, male, PUB (Pudgy Ugly Bastard), just recently found the courage to intentionally gain (and liking it), and wishing there was something like Dimemensions and the internet 30 years ago. Now what did I do with that eight track tape? Musta left it in the Gremlin......
  18. AtlasD

    Queen Latifah on Jenny Craig? Ewww!

    Money and attention- some fast cash for flogging a product, plus your picture plastered over the airwaves. What I don't get is this- Valerie Bertinelli's and Kirstie Alley's acting careers were pretty much done, while QL's was just beginning to take off. Why does she need Jenny...
  19. AtlasD

    Interesting shadows...

    Nothing like black and white to capture the essence. Wonderful composition and lighting, and of course beautiful subject matter!
  20. AtlasD

    Im leaving dimensions

    Initially, the Internet was free of “rules” and “structure”, which permitted a free flow of ideas and expression. This enabled freer expression of unorthodox ideas such as those in Dimensions today. Deliberate weight gain is regarded as insanity in our mainstream culture. It is an act of...