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  1. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Showering together

    Most overrated sexy intimacy thing ever.
  2. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Before And After!!!

    Awesome before and after pics, both in teh chub and the way they're framed. BTW, I enjoyed the "what feedism is" video on your site.
  3. Fuzzy Necromancer

    obese expecting

    Seconded. -___-
  4. Fuzzy Necromancer

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Wilkomen! ^_^ Have a complimentary fruit basket.
  5. Fuzzy Necromancer

    I've been a lurker for a long time

    Of corset's sexy! *rimshot* Srsly, nice pix and belly. Welcome to the forum! ^_^
  6. Fuzzy Necromancer

    My Little Pony

    I have found it rather delightful. The pilot didn't thrill me, and it wasn't until I idly watched Look Before You Sleep that my interest really started to pick up. Art of the Dress resonated really well, and Luna Eclipsed wowed me over. The creative team behind Friendship Has Magic has proved...
  7. Fuzzy Necromancer


    Wowza! =D Fatter than ever indeed! Just look at all that bellay hanging out. ^^ Hope you didn't have too much holiday hassle at the book store, and I'm glad you're still eating well.
  8. Fuzzy Necromancer

    "You can do so much better"

    ...o_o Frell, that is just... Blimey. I'm sorry. That's so horrible! I mean, isn't that the job of the guy's domineering mother? X_x Not... *sigh* This is why I laugh whenever I hear somebody extoll the virtues of feminine compassion and maternal instinct.
  9. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    khrestel, I know it's been said before but YOWZA. 8D :smitten: You look amazing with your soft curves and proud grin.
  10. Fuzzy Necromancer

    New to this site and HAPPY to have found it

    Wilkomen! ^_^ Have a fruit basket! I'm happy to see you're happy to be here. :D
  11. Fuzzy Necromancer

    I've gotten soo big!

    Looking good ^__^
  12. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Looking for a Historical WG story

    Thank you for the assistance. =o *goes off to search*
  13. Fuzzy Necromancer

    posting pics

    Upload the image to photobucket or something, copy the url, and put <IMG> </IMG> tags around the url, only instead of <> use []. Or, you can just click the image button above the text box when you hit reply to thread, and enter the URL there. It's the little picture of a mountain.
  14. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Looking for a Historical WG story

    I don't recall the title or the author, alas. I only read part of it. I think it was set in Victorian England. It involved the heroine discovering Wisdom from the East type volumes on sexual pleasure in the early chapters, and at some point she left home and entered a domain with fey/faeries, or...
  15. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Flaunting your fat.

    Hey chaotic, looking plump! ;) Now just move the camera a little further down. >D j/k
  16. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Today is Caturday

    These are cute and funny, but not proper lolcats. They need catptions.
  17. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Im new :D

    Welcome! ^_^ *hands you a virtual fruit basket* Why do so many sexy feedees live in California?
  18. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Cartoon: The Big Girl

    No, I mean the actual prince in the first one.
  19. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Cartoon: The Big Girl

    Frankly, the prince isn't that "Handsome" himself. x.x His head looks like a scorched toilet brush.
  20. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Since this is the gaining board ...:)

    Congratulations! ^^ I'm glad to hear you're doing so well.