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  1. Wagimawr

    PC user? Relief is on the way!

    Mac users, no smartassery please. We all know your computers rarely crash...but for the rest of us: DaVinci's Notebook - The Gates I'm sure we've all had days like these.
  2. Wagimawr

    Hello Wagimawr it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, wh

    y not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? ... um, I dunno. cause?
  3. Wagimawr


    Weird. "You're all a bunch of slaves!"
  4. Wagimawr

    My Mother The Nurse

    A few paraphrased revelations from my mom and I's discussion of my taste in women tonight: 1) She will never be happy with me dating someone who is morbidly obese. 2) She knows, from having been a psych nurse, that anybody who is fat and says they are happy are lying to themselves. 3) I...
  5. Wagimawr

    Men Find Plenty To Love In Big, Beautiful Women

    No shit, right? Well, it's a little different when it pops up in Dear Abby: ...and the original letter referred to:
  6. Wagimawr

    HOW TO IDENTIFY a wild forum fail: A Spotter's Guide.

    Thank you, Cracked. Once again, you have distilled the entire internet into 11 hilarious .jpgs!
  7. Wagimawr

    What's hotter? (Process. vs. Result)

    If I may take the liberty of crossposting James' post from my other poll thread: Let's find out. Which is more arousing to you as a FA? The weight gain itself or the end result of the weight gain? This is likely to be a more nuanced thread, so I won't make a poll for this one.
  8. Wagimawr

    VAMPIRES! Pick your favorite!

  9. Wagimawr

    Post your random Hulu links here!

    We have a Youtube thread, why not one for Hulu? Please, if you post a full episode of something, please mention it so people know before clicking to load a full 25+ minute video. Family Guy - Lap Dance The Colbert Report - Better Know A Stephen Family Guy - Throw Out The Rule Book...
  10. Wagimawr

    FAs! Is weight gain arousing to you?

    You can read, can'tcha? :p Just curious to see if we're a majority or a minority here. Since we love definitions around here, I'll say this: the term "weight gain" includes encouraged, intentional or unintentional weight gain; any kind at all. p.s. I'm not asking if weight gain ONLY turns...
  11. Wagimawr

    Well, THIS is new and different!

    Sienna Miller: Plus-Size Models Are "More Beautiful" Than Skinny Ones Interesting, yes. Does it matter? *The New York magazine article...
  12. Wagimawr

    Love music? Read this!

    WEDNESDAY, JUN 14, 2000 12:02 EDT Courtney Love does the math The controversial singer takes on record label profits, Napster and "sucka VCs." It goes on from there. Sobering stuff.
  13. Wagimawr

    SWEET holiday recipes!

    Okay, so I PMed SVS; apparently I just missed her, so if I'm stomping on somebody else's thread with this one, I apologize. I'm rather surprised there's not one already... ANYWAY. Making sweet things for the holiday season? POST THEM HERE!
  14. Wagimawr

    What is scary? A horror film thread.

    So I just got done slogging through about 14 vBulletin pages over on superherohype about the film "Paranormal Activity". Films like that have always fascinated me because of the polarized reaction they get; people seem to be either actually terrified by them, interested but not scared at all, or...
  15. Wagimawr

    Intellectual property is dead, long live fair use. From the front page: As everyone's favorite Vulcan (or android!) might say, "Fascinating."
  16. Wagimawr

    Weight loss on Oprah! Today on Oprah, and as usual, my mom is watching it which means I'm hearing it. :doh:
  17. Wagimawr

    Is it "Whoa!" or "Woah!"?

    Discuss. (and answer wrong, if you dare!)
  18. Wagimawr

    So apparently there's a report?
  19. Wagimawr

    Fuck you, E! Online. Fuck you. Jerks.