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  1. volatile

    Ellos sizing from Woman Within

    I found a few nice things that I wanted to ordered but I'm just wondering if the sizing runs different because it's a European company. Ellos Has anyone ordered anything from that line yet? I HATE ordering stuff that doesn't fit right and then pay to send it back.
  2. volatile

    Avenue Rigid Denim Jeans

    I got an email this morning about Avenue's new Rigid Denim Jeans they are selling for $10 to try (1 pair per customer) but when I tried ordering then it put them at regular retail price so I didn't order them yet. :( I noticed after the fact it says the deal is for the first 1,000 customers...
  3. volatile

    Must Stop Shopping.

    I can't seem to stop shopping! I don't know what it is but over the last 2 weeks I've bought more clothes then I need, or rather afford. My credit card is crying right now. So much for trying to get my debt down. :rolleyes: my recent purchases.... 2 pair of Avenue Lite jeans - first is...
  4. volatile


    I recently got about 8 inches of hair cut off as well as bangs. The bangs are OK when I feel like messing with them, however a lot of times I'm running late in the morning & don't have the time to mess with them. I'm basically a brush & blow dry kind of girl. Should I just clip them back &...
  5. volatile

    4SALE: Big On Batik Smockerchief Top

    I'm selling a brand new Big On Batik smockerchief top in Black if anyone is interested. listing
  6. volatile

    Did you hear the news? Obesity is contagious!

    I found this article on Yahoo! that basically says that if you are thin and you have friends that are gaining weight you should stay away from them if you "value you sleek physiques". I'm so offended I don't even know where to begin. I don't know about anyone else but my weight isn't affected by...
  7. volatile

    Plain Yogurt

    I picked up about 10 containers of Fage Greek Yogurt at the store today. I HATE plain yogurt, so I was wondering what I could use to flavor it up a bit besides fruit (because that's a givin). I love vanilla yogurt (especially the kind in McDonald's parfait's) but I really don't know how to...
  8. volatile

    4sale: On Ebay - 11 Tops 5x-10x

    I just cleaned out my closet and I have 11 tops for sale on ebay if anyone is interested. Some are new and the rest are gently used. I will combine shipping if you win more then one. f you have any questions feel free to ask.
  9. volatile

    Wardrobe Makeover

    I'm in desperate need of many new items of clothing but I have a terrible time finding clothes to fit my 85+ inch hips & belly. I know of few online retailers that I can get clothes from like Sanctuarie, Plus Woman & Mizrak but a lot of stuff I see there are prints & stuff that I could never see...