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  1. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Looking for a Historical WG story

    I don't recall the title or the author, alas. I only read part of it. I think it was set in Victorian England. It involved the heroine discovering Wisdom from the East type volumes on sexual pleasure in the early chapters, and at some point she left home and entered a domain with fey/faeries, or...
  2. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Gwyneth minor gain for role

    The following article was advertised on the yahoo news function as Gwyneth's Junk Food Diet What do you think, good people of the forums? A point of interest? A virtually neglible event blown out of proportion? Fair or biased?
  3. Fuzzy Necromancer

    I got knocked out and cut open an anesthesiologist and a surgeon. :P I got my appendix out!
  4. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Missing Theatrical Trailers

    I love my Paprika DVD. It's loaded with special features, commentary, interviews, etc., but is severly lacking in one area. It does NOT have the oh-so-awesome theatrical trailer for the movie. More and more DVDs lack this key element, and I have to ask, why? The theatrical trailer costs...
  5. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Azumanga Daioh

    Anyone else a fan of this anime/manga, with it's slice-of-life comedy and near-lethal levels of cuteness? Who's your favorite character? o= Do you write azudai fanfiction? If not, have you read any good ones? What are your theories on the nature of Chiyo's dad?
  6. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Azumangah Daioh

    Yes, it's everyone's favorite "high school girl's doing cute things" slice-of-life comedy! ^_^ I've just watched the first two series DVDs on netflix, and I'm going crazy for want of somebody to discuss it with! @_@ All sorts of strange ideas keep popping up in my mind, no doubt placed...
  7. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

    Anyone else familiar with this hilarious, entertaining, supernatural series? =o I've only read the first one, but I'm going to get a copy of "Playing With Fire Soon." Actually, I more listened to it than read it. The audiobook of Skulduggery Pleasant is AMAZING. @_@ Great reader, superb...
  8. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Twilight Alternatives

    Everyone seems to be talking about the series of paranormal romance novels by Stephanie Meyers. This series of books as a hatedom almost as overbearing, massive and monomaniacal as its fandom. I'm not a big fan of the series, but endless cries of "it sucks" solve nothing. I decided to...
  9. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Monsters vs. Aliens

    Anyone seen this movie? Anyone seen it in IMAX 3D? How funny was it? How exciting was it? How outright entertaining was it? =o How many shout outs/allusions did you get? Thoughts? Comments? Critique?
  10. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Your Fantasy Novel/series/author Hit-List

    It's very popular. It's a trend that's sweeping a nation. There are people who obsess over it and see it as a rich allegory for their life, name cats and offspring after it's characters, etc. There's a movie in the works, and it crowds the bookshelves everywhere. You've browsed it, scrolled up a...
  11. Fuzzy Necromancer

    CORALINE: The Movie

    Best PG-rated surreal horror film I've ever seen. ^_^ Don't watch the lame, misleading, cliche-filled common trailers. This trailer perfectly conveys the feel and tone of the movie. Anyone saw it? Planning to see it? Read the book? What was the best part? Worst part? Creepiest part...
  12. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Rom-Coms ruin relationships?

    This Just In: online news article confirms something that I, the OP, secretly believed for a long time.
  13. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Word Search

    I often find myself with a clear definition that wants a word, especially when creating fiction. However, such broad digital tools as Google are ill-adept at dealing with very specific questions and meaning, and dictionaries and thesauri are organized the wrong way round. This is a thread for...
  14. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Homeland Security Hires Werewolf Hunters

    (Not totally sure whether this should go in lounge, due to humorous and satirical nature, or in hyde park, do to the political content, but this seemed like the best bet.) Posted on October 31st, 2009 By MaryJanice Stoker Inquirer Staff Writer Whitehouse Press Secretary Rick Sloane...
  15. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Feedism clothing?

    I remember in one thread there was some talk of FAs wearing special T-shirts to identify themselves. I also recall a certain thread with images of "feedee" and "feeder" buttons? Does anyone else think feedee and feeder clothing would be interesting? Does anybody know of garments that display...
  16. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Lance brand Snack Crackers

    You know them. They come in packets, two crackers with filling in between. Oh sure, there's ritz with cheese and ritz with peanut butter, and those keebler snack packs, but face it, they are all mere pretenders. Lance snack crackers are the true on-the-go trucker-commuter-and-student snack...
  17. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Braaaaaaaaaaaap! ( burp thread)

    I love burps x3 They are just sooo sexy. The louder and longer, the better they are. I think it goes along with the feedism thing, the idea of overeating and gluttony, but even skinny girls burping can turn my head. @_@ I dunno. Anybody else gay for belches? =o
  18. Fuzzy Necromancer

    What makes a god a god?

    Hope this is the proper place to post this. =s I guess it can get moved to hyde park if it gets too controversial. How do you define a diety? What are the essential, minimal characteristics needed to consider something a god instead of merely an unusual being or natural force? The mythic...
  19. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Obesity is not an eating disorder.

    4 sirious. Look it up in the dictionary. I didn't really think about it until I happened to read one thread where the leader of some nation or other passed a law proclaiming obesity a proper medical disease "along with anorexia and other eating disorders". Obesity isn't an eating...
  20. Fuzzy Necromancer

    Who is this "feedee" of which you speak?

    I've recently noticed something. Whenever weight gain and feeding are discussed, all the conversation centers on the feeder and his girlfriend (or, in rare cases, somebody acknowledges that feeders can be girls and can have boyfriends). The positive ones defend the feeder, the negative ones...