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    Your First Internet BBW

    It's been a very long time since my first, but I think it was HeatherBBW, who I search for after seeing her in an actual printed magazine.
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    What is your highest adult weight?

    At one point my home scale read 195, but it was 5 pounds off so I was probably close or over 200. Right now I am 186 and 5'6" but someday when we are in a better place in our lives, my girlfriend and I are going to fatten each other up :D
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    Some Help/Advice

    I've often had fantasies about letting myself get fattened, so when she started talking about it it did excite me. If it happens, it's still a few years down the road, but it's part of a lifestyle she and I are talking about. There are things I'm going to do to her body as well that she also...
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    Some Help/Advice

    OK, so recently my girlfriend and I have been talking. She told me she likes a man with some meat on his bones. I'm 5'6", 190 pounds, adn trying toget back down to the 170 to 180 pound range. She said she would like to fatten me up to 250-300. So, I guess I'm asking for any advice/feedback from...