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  1. squeezablysoft

    Super Sized Surprises?

    Is there anything about being fat that most thin people don't realize or that you weren't aware of until you became larger or became intimately acquainted with a large person?
  2. squeezablysoft

    Losing Your Feeding Virginity

    Does anyone have any stories and/or advice about your first time either feeding someone or being fed? How long did you know them before you started feeding? What kind of relationship did you have with them? Had you done or did you eventually do other intimate/sexual things with them? How did...
  3. squeezablysoft

    Drinking to increase stomach capacity

    A lot of professional competitive eaters use the trick of drinking a ton of water between contests to stretch their stomachs as part of their training. Has anyone ever done that to increase stomach capacity as a feedee/gainer? Or do you prefer food or at least caloric drinks? I've seen people...
  4. squeezablysoft

    Instagram Suggestions

    I'm looking for suggestions for some good BBW/BHM/FA/fat-positive Instas to follow.
  5. squeezablysoft

    I Know This is Comedy But...

    As a feedist this kinda does resonate with me tbh lol.
  6. squeezablysoft

    BHM Fantasy Fuel

    From this TVTropes article: "The Gladiator Games of Ancient Rome. Despite the Sword & Sandal stereotype of relatively lean, muscular gladiators, historic gladiators lived on fat-building diets. The layer of fat helped protect them from the...
  7. squeezablysoft

    More Eating Videos

    This one is Cheetos and Twizzlers, I'd planned to eat the whole bag but only got about half way through due to time constraints and being a little out of practice with stuffing. I'm planning to do Reese's peanut butter cups for my next video, which hopefully I will be able to talk some on, may...
  8. squeezablysoft

    Ideas for first YouTube video

    So this box of Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars arrived today and I'm trying to decide how best to make the most of it. I'm practicing to do the 5x5 candy bar challenge (5 each of 5 different kinds of candy=25 bars in one sitting!), don't know how long it'll take me to work up to it but this is...
  9. squeezablysoft

    Randomly Generated Junt Love Song

    It's actually kind of perfect.
  10. squeezablysoft

    Bob ❤️ Abishola

    So I saw the trailer for this during the Big Bang Theory finale and I must say my interest is piqued. Prolly won't last more than one or two seasons (I'm frankly surprised it even got greenlit to start with) but I'll be checking it out. Billy Gardell is kinda giving me those John Candy vibes...
  11. squeezablysoft

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Hope everyone is having an awesome day, especially all the Moms!
  12. squeezablysoft

    Shower Thoughts

    Shower thought: If I'm either being really loud or really quiet I'm prolly busy (well, really quiet could be I'm sleeping, but sleep IS an important activity that I don't want to be interrupted during, so it kinda still counts as a type of "busy"), but if I'm just making a moderate amount of...
  13. squeezablysoft

    Anybody else in college right now or starting this year?

    Idk why it never occurred to me to ask this before. I guess because it's kinda unusual for ppl to find Dims that early in life (I'm old for a college student but I THINK I was typical college age when I found Dims) but it would be cool to talk to some fellow fat-friendly college students here.
  14. squeezablysoft

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all my fellow Americans, happy T-Day! And if you're not American, feel free to chow down anyway. I know I always feast on Canadian Thanksgiving, because I mean I probably have like an ancestor who lived in Canada or thought about living in Canada at some point or something, and it's five...
  15. squeezablysoft

    Random Sentence as Written by Your Autocorrect

    I'm probably not explaining this very well, but basically what you do is if you have auto correct with automatic word completion, you type your nickname here and then the next word after that that your autocomplete suggests and then the next word after that and so forth until you have a...
  16. squeezablysoft

    The 5 by 5 candy bar challenge

    I really wanna try this and make it one of my first YouTube videos.
  17. squeezablysoft

    Is it weird I don't like soup?

    Perhaps I should clarify, I'm mostly talking about the kinds of soups that are heavy on (non pureed) veggies. Which unfortunately is the kind my mom likes and makes. Canned chicken noodle or tomato soup, broccoli cheddar soup, or a thick, creamy potato soup (my mom's is too watery for me, maybe...
  18. squeezablysoft

    Self Body Image as an (F)FA

    *TRIGGER WARNING for body image issues and disordered eating.* So I've lost like 30 pounds in the past year, not my idea, and I have crazy mixed feelings about it. As a person who thinks fat is beautiful and cute and comforting and just all around awesome, I hate it. I feel less sexy and not at...
  19. squeezablysoft

    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    Oh no, I think it's contagious!:p
  20. squeezablysoft

    Fat AND muscular, hot or not?

    I'm still trying to decide how I feel about those beefy big guys who have tons of muscle and are super strong but also are round and have a thick layer of soft blubber covering those hard muscles. As opposed to the more out of shape fat guys who have low muscle tone and are mostly just pure...