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  1. Ilegalpat

    First Weight Story You Recall Reading

    I think I read one of his stories in Dims years ago.
  2. Ilegalpat

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Better Off Dead. It is still funny. 9 out of 10
  3. Ilegalpat

    Your First Internet BBW

    I think part of her allure is that she disappeared and there are a lot of rumors surrounding her.
  4. Ilegalpat

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Sorry to read that
  5. Ilegalpat

    BBW Jessica Steps Up (SSBBW, ~WG, Stuffing, ~Sex)

    This is one of the best stories I have read in awhile
  6. Ilegalpat

    The Lizzo case....

    I am a lawyer. I worked with an attorney who did Discrimination Suits. A lot of these will settle, especially to keep there from being a public record. Donna: I have to agree that there is a lot of smoke in this complaint. I will be curious to see if this drives more lawsuits.
  7. Ilegalpat

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    A little Miles Davis.
  8. Ilegalpat

    Name That Movie

  9. Ilegalpat

    Name That Movie

    Never would have guessed that one. Good one Donna
  10. Ilegalpat

    Name That Movie

    The Departed?
  11. Ilegalpat

    Web Library taken down.

    Thank you! I appreciate you explaining the situation Any chance Dimensions will get those back?
  12. Ilegalpat

    Web Library taken down.

    Dimensions took down the old archive of stories it had. https://web.archive.org/web/20170522043836/http://dimensionsmagazine.com:80/Weight_Room/stories.html
  13. Ilegalpat

    Anybody familiar with FEEDIST books/podcasts/etc?

  14. Ilegalpat

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

  15. Ilegalpat

    BBW Lookin for historical stories

    https://web.archive.org/web/20170522043836/http://dimensionsmagazine.com:80/Weight_Room/stories.html This is a link to old Dimensions stories. You can find things on Deviantart.
  16. Ilegalpat

    Can a person stop being attracted bbws and ssbbws?

    Some of this assumes looks are the only thing that brings people together. I have dated women of all shapes and sizes. Yes, I prefer a taller bigger woman. But, I dated a girl who was 5'1 95 pounds. There is more to attraction than just the size of a woman. Brains and personality play a...
  17. Ilegalpat


    St. Ives
  18. Ilegalpat


    The King and I