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    Kelligrl: The Conference Presentation-your input

    I think the biggest thing is that she was opening proud of being fat and getting fatter when no one else was there. At the time this was unheard of, even on the net. Also perhaps an interesting case is the impossibly busty, never naked "TW Girl." Google it. I think part of the allure or...
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    Cars - What are you driving? (for fat drivers)

    2002 Nissan Maxima SE 6 speed. I would highly recommend it to anyone that's um, well fat. Or has a fat significant other. It's a great car, although life changes and I'm hoping to get a 2007 or newer Yukon or Tahoe one of these days. In a perfect world I would keep the old car since the resale...
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    Naughty and Nicer:)

    The classics never grow old.
  4. W

    Apprently my chest is the new messiah!

    She's probably off somewhere eating ice cream with keligrl.
  5. W

    Naughty and Nicer:)

    Hi Tarella - I miss ya. Post again soon. :) Steve
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    The Scourge that is FAs

    whatever kind of trap you set, the bait is simple. Take any blank DVD, and write "nekkid kelligrrl videos" on it.
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    Clothing-optional beaches--would you go? Do you?

    I'd try it. But... what if i was at the same beach with a few BBW and I got wood? It's one thing with a swimsuit on, but would the ladies on the beach be offended? flattered? not notice?
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    Easiest job to gain weight

    I had breakfast at George Webb's in downtown Milwaukee today. I can tell you that it it seems to be wearing well for at least one drop dead gorgeous young lady that works there.
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    Bun in the oven video

    Ok, so these aren't BBWs but it's good for a laugh and anyone who likes a big belly (for the 9 month reason) will get a kick out of this. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ada64036e3/bun-in-the-oven-presented-by-the-la-comedy-shorts-film-festival Steve
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    Do you double space?

    I never got into the habit of using double spaces, but I think either looks fine. Being consistent in your style is probably more important that one or two styles. I'm a marketing manager and if I'm using copy that someone else sent me I always do a "search and replace" to find any double spaces...
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    Your favorite fat girl features...

    What do I like best about BBWs? They aren't skinny!!!!! Ok, seriously, i am a big fan of (in no particular order): - Butt shelfs - Belly rolls, the further they stick out the better. Bonus for side belly. - Hips that fill a doorway - Boobs that poof out of whatever poor bra you try...
  12. W

    A good day

    Ok, so no one may care but this made my day. My wife lamented to me this morning that she's down to only three pairs of jeans that fit, even those are tight and one of them is now wore through where her thighs rub. She just made my day. :) Steve
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    Ding Dong.....Names?

    My wife refers to it as Schlong, Schlort, or Schmedium. Let me know if that needs further explanation or diagrams.
  14. W

    Laptop pr Desktop?

    I love my MacBook Pro... i have the first model that used Intel chips. But I need to upgrade the OS and get a bigger hard drive one of these days. Wifey and I almost never use our old desktop machine now that we can be anywehere in the house with wireless internet. I will probably get...
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    Body issues with weight gain

    Yeah that can go either way. My wife has no problem with porn in general, but SSBBW girls kinda scare her. She sees that I adore a 500lb girl, then she feels like maybe her 200ish lbs isn't enough for me. And since she has no desire to be much bigger, then feels kinda bad about it. So, just...
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    Windows 7? You've got to be kidding!

    At work I use both XP and Vista. The XP box is my main computer which is amazingly reliable and stable running typical internet apps and Adobe CS2. The Vista box is exclusively Adobe Premiere. It crashes now and then. At home I have an old Dell XP box which is kind of flakey. My personal...
  17. W

    Taste of .....

    Hi everyone... just had to share this. Wifey and I went to the taste of Madison this weekend. I just have to say, these events are apparently THE place for FAs and BBWs! For those who haven't been to a "Taste of (insert city name here)" It's generally many booths occupied by local...
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    Big love: Fox orders heavyweight dating show

    I can appreciate that the show features a genuine FA and a cast of beautiful fat girls. It's good exposure and helps spread the message that there are nice guys interested in big girls. That said, any of these dating shows are painful for me to watch. I lasted maybe 5 minutes watching it...
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    Is wanking sex?

    Is solitaire a card game?
  20. W


    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Like take your breath away make your heart beat fast beautiful.