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  1. F

    When did you first realize that FA exist?

    I still can't help but believe that FA's exist only down in this rabbit hole that is Dims. Never met one IRL, never. In contrast, I have run into several FFAs.
  2. F

    BBW Confessions thread

    Tracii, BBWMegan44D & plushkitty - thank you for the kind words and sympathy. Today's my first day off antibiotics, so things are picking up. What just got to me is that even long-term friends don't seem to give a shit if you're sick - as long as you lose weight. Not exactly a comforting...
  3. F

    BBW Confessions thread

    My personal environment has been getting to me lately. Over the past six months, I've been sick for a good nine weeks. A week before Christmas stomach flu, in January Bronchitis. Before Easter 10 days stomach flu, now 4 weeks of a terrible case of strep throat. Naturally - if even...
  4. F

    A Question for our Resident BBWs

    What a great - and true - metaphor! Only so sad not more people wear them!
  5. F

    CraVe ~BBW ~~WG ~Feeding

    This is the kind of story that let's me understand why many BBWs hate FAs so much. Who wants to be depicted as a pig or cow by someone who obviously flunked English essay class way back in junior high? And it makes me wonder about what motivates FAs: Can you only get your kicks out of...
  6. F

    Do we still need a separate BHM/FFA board?

    I can only agree with what everybody else said so far. If it weren't for the BHM/FFA board and the Library, I wouldn't come here at all any more, for all the named reasons.
  7. F

    Has Board Traffic Decreased?

    All I've noticed policed here on the Library boards is the age issue. As far as content goes, it seems to be a pretty tolerant place. No longer having good newer BBW fiction mostly likely has to do with lack of creative inspiration and also writing quality. You can see the same on FF, where...
  8. F

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    Ooooooh! :smitten::smitten: Sooooo happy to see Xander back! Thank you Undine!
  9. F

    BHM Final Day of Vacation (BHM, FFA, Stuffing & Other Play)

    At first I thought it was just a weird style device. But by now your stories have a pathological quality to them. Why write dozens of almost identical stories - first person narrative, similar weight gain, the spouse element -only changing the framework setting???:confused: It reminds...
  10. F

    Pants for big thighs and shirts for DD bust

    A good alternative to a shirt (and less fuss with ironing and creasing actually) is a quality t-shirt (v-neck, wrap or sweetheart neckline) under a blazer/jacket with a silk scarf over it. If a blazer needs to be tailored, it's at least worth the fuss - which is not true for altering too many...
  11. F

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Isn't her staff on strike? So probably no tea service there right now....
  12. F

    HORNGRY - the first webzine for FFA's/Feedresses and BHMs/Gainers

    What a cute idea! Good luck with the project!
  13. F

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Sorry girl - but you sound like the cliché of the advertisement victim brat! Having something personally made for you, that is unique and no one else has is the most precious thing there is today in times of mass production. (Which Tiffany is by the way, no matter how exclusive a touch they...
  14. F

    Been quiet 'round here lately....

    A lot of what other people said also applies to me. These changes are confusing for me and the intentions and goal of the new management are so contradictory. How do you still do that? I used to love to lurk - but now I have to sign in to read anything. That keeps me from coming as often...
  15. F

    learning to drive vs being fat

    Thank you for common sense! I had trouble figuring out whether the initial question wasn't some sort of hoax! Statistically being a pedestrian, on a bicycle or a passenger in a car is much more dangerous than driving yourself. If you start that discussion - which of the things in life...
  16. F

    BHM Energetic Expansions ~BHM, ~~WG

    Normally I don't care for Lord & Lady tales - but this is an interesting take on aristocracy. Then again, a cute BHM probably helps!
  17. F

    The Obesity Epidemic Fantasy~XWGN~Mild Sex

    Normally not my type of story - but really cool premise and well written!
  18. F

    Trying to explore my bisexuality...

    To be very blunt - you're not looking for a relationship, you're looking for sex. If you're so obsessed with defining yourself via such irrelevant aspects as clothing and deodorant use, you're not ready to become seriously emotionally involved on the level of a mature adult relationship...
  19. F

    Gay Porn

    You dress too well - that's the problem. Lose your sense of style, go color blind, start wearing ill-fitting, shapeless, not ironed, mismatching cloths and nobody will mistake you for gay anymore.
  20. F

    BHM The 6 Month Deal (~BHM, ~WG, Stuffing)

    Not a bad story - but I'm irritated that the descriptions of feelings and body development don't match the time span, weight gain referenced and food/calories consumed very well at all. Like being 'immense at a whopping 233 pounds'? Seriously? How tall is our protagonist - 4" foot? With the...