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  1. Renaissance Man

    the ONE thing annoying you the most right now??

    No, I'm not there . . . ooooooh, that other kind of WASP. :doh: Gotcha. [sends a wave to RedVelvet] __________________ The one thing annoying me the most right now . . . is that I've got so many projects I want to do—other books I want to write—and not enough time to do them because of my...
  2. Renaissance Man

    Mini bash Rocked

    I second that! Berna, Phil, Carla, and anyone else who helped out: THANK YOU. It was very enjoyable, seemed to go off without a hitch, and was a fun event. Thanks, Phil and Berna, for letting me have a table Saturday afternoon to sign some books. (Glad I brought them with me!) I wasn't...
  3. Renaissance Man

    Jeanne Toombs, Fat Rights Activist ---RIP

    This is indeed sad. I believe I met her during the 1999 NAAFA Convention. Did she play the piano? It is very sad news.
  4. Renaissance Man

    NJBBW Mini Bash RSVP's

    I second the motion: hurray for "drama free" anything! Has everyone else noticed how much of a Jerry Springer world it's become? :doh: I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there: meeting new friends, seeing longtime friends (notice how I didn't say "old"), and having an enjoyable weekend.
  5. Renaissance Man


    imfree, I have to confess . . . every time I see a post by you, I glance down at the first few words of your signature, see how tall it is, and without reading the rest of it—all I can think of are lyrics by Steve Martin. Grandmother's Song Be courteous, kind and forgiving, Be gentle and...
  6. Renaissance Man

    New York Cool...

    I love it . . . your beauty, her upbeat review, your unwavering attitude, the directors' unwillingness to make a fat heroine a joke, your figure—it's great! I can't wait to see the film, V. I hope to congratulate you in person someday. :) But for now, congratulations on all your...
  7. Renaissance Man

    Mini Bash Luncheon Update - Big News!

    Once upon a time, back in the Dark Ages, I dated someone from Edison, NJ. She didn't live too far away from family that lived in Piscataway. She told me all about Harold's—which sure lived up to the hype. Holy mountains of pastrami, Batman! I can't wait to join all of you beautiful ladies...
  8. Renaissance Man

    It's Official! Next NJ Mini Bash Announced.

    Ummm, I don't need a bikini, but . . . can I have a girl in a bikini? :D
  9. Renaissance Man

    It's Official! Next NJ Mini Bash Announced.

    I am looking into going, but it's my mother's 75th birthday weekend. The family has not set the plans yet on celebrating. I'll try to be there if I can!
  10. Renaissance Man

    Huge Thighs?

    No, I don't . . . but I wish I had you. :smitten: (Ooops, did I say that out loud?) Seriously, I love fluffy thighs on a woman. Mmmmmm, mm! Sweet&Fat and CandySmooch, you are both gorgeous women. Yes, Candy, men go ga-ga over the various things they happen to love about large women. The...
  11. Renaissance Man

    Happy birthday Dee

    Happy Belated Birthday, Dee! :) Sorry that I'm late . . . the storm that came through on Saturday made us live in the 19th century for over 2 days. Cold and dark, windy and stormy, fires and candles. (I bet Goth fans are lovin' that idea.) So since I couldn't call like E.T. or post here in...
  12. Renaissance Man

    Whatever happened to Pudgy Girl?

    I became friends with her, never got the chance to meet her, she started dating a local guy, and we lost touch. Fast forward to last year: we chatted briefly and she told me she was still with the same boyfriend (so that was going on for 2–3 of years), was happy, and not doing anything here...
  13. Renaissance Man

    calling on RED SOX NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 2007 Cleveland Indians were a very, very tough team. It was a very close series. Red Sox Nation tips its collective ballcap to the Tribe. Now on to the celebrations . . . We are estatic!!! Woo hoo! Gooooo, Sox!! Bring on the Rockies . . .
  14. Renaissance Man

    calling on RED SOX NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well said, my friend . . . The Thursday, August 23rd edition of USA Today, "The Nation's Newspaper," had this for its front cover story: America's new home team. The byline was: Now it really is a Red Sox Nation. Boston—sorry, Yankees—has become baseball's top attraction. As a card-carrying...
  15. Renaissance Man

    WG Art

    Nicely done, Axof! If you don't want to do the web page thing, you can always put a bunch of them into a zip file, post the zip file on Rapidshare, then share the URL with us. Another idea is opening an account on the DeviantArt site. I think all you have to do is upload them. The site does...
  16. Renaissance Man

    Inspiration for your NICKNAME and AVATAR

    Great idea, Tony! Hmmm, let's see . . . Renaissance man ~ noun (1906): a person who has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. Uh, well, perhaps not an "expert" per se, but I have been blessed with some ability in several areas. I love: Music (play several instruments, sing...
  17. Renaissance Man

    Shiny New Thread - Heavenly Bodies Memorial Day Bash - Full Schedule

    With the new job, I can actually have a life! I shall be there Saturday night through Monday morning, so I shall see you all there! I look forward to seeing my friends and meeting new people. :)
  18. Renaissance Man

    Heavenly Bodies 10th Anniversary Dance -- 4/28/07

    Congratulations, Heather, AnnMarie, et al. I booked a room and was really looking forward to being there; alas, I became ill on the way there and had to turn back. I spent the night on ginger ale and Saltines. Woo woo. *sigh* So sorry I missed it. Anyway, I hope to see you at the end of May.
  19. Renaissance Man

    Heavenly Bodies Memorial Day Bash

    I want to be there! I have a graduation to attend, but I'll come up for at least a day. It will be good to see all the lovely ladies. I just moved (still on the Cape) and got a better-paying job! I may actually begin to have a life now!
  20. Renaissance Man

    A Fat Rant- Youtube

    I found out about her YouTube masterpiece last week sometime. I sent her an e-mail and she responded very kindly. I asked her if she had a clearer version of it and if I could post it on my web site. Unfortunately, she no longer has the original; so, with her permission, I have her YouTube...