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  1. sonyb

    Dating as ssbbw

    The more we get older people to get younger and different generations I am a man I was more active10- at 30 age than age 49 soon 50 for me, it is hard to find a ladies give up don't look any more what did before. I'm much heavier than before ladies don't see me active anymore cute ness went way.
  2. sonyb

    Does any know start a bbw& SSBBW Stroudsburg

    I'm a single man 42, Does know if every do meetup for ssbbw &bbw In Stroudsburg PA. inside the pocono. That would be so cool. if some can start one up a meet and greet. Please let me know Okay. I always loved (ssbbw)bigger is better.
  3. sonyb

    The show your face/introduction thread

    let me introduce myself again?I'm a male 37 years old now, for the past 8 years now I've been inactive, not looking at BBW & ssbbw and community, I've been so busy not had any time for me. And taking care of everybody else needs, but I realize I have to accept myself what I'm attracted to, I...
  4. sonyb

    Great News-update

    :) [B]Hello Lexi very good news Lexi getting a new bed, that's cool. I am so happy for you getting better in your recovering. Also it's great you lost some weight. For a guy who love bbw & ssbbw it's Aporten to be healthy. I am a firm believer BBW & SSbbw can be very healthy. For a...
  5. sonyb

    Help desperately needed for one of our own!

    hello Lexi, first I want to say I'm really sorry for your wholeordeal at the hospital. I feel so bad for you. On TV there is a program on discovery health Channel. Where obesity people can go to get help on their condition. I think it's in Missouri but not sure. Maybe that place will...
  6. sonyb

    Chat room

    Hello, THank you, That must be a new thing (Chatroom) Because 3 years ago with with my window 98 I use hot mail get in and I had no problem. Now I use window xp home. any way nice meet you all. I really don't want use my ISP e-mail any way I am in the bbwchatzone.com under...
  7. sonyb

    Chat room

    Hello, My name is sonyb I am try to make a Handle: in Regerstration. Chat room I want to use sonyb I want to use e-mail hotmail. The problem I am having is. When I regerster I get a message saying no hot mail Account? and I don't know why said that.:) Can some help me...