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  1. IrishBard

    Music of the night.

    (bbw, ssbbw, Stuffing, vampire, magic) Authors note: Yeah, it's been a long time since my last stories, and whilst I have a few planned, I hope this one shows that I'm not dead. Think of this as world of darkness game gone horrible, gloriously wrong. I arrive at her window in the...
  2. IrishBard


    welcome aboard the size positive crazy train :) enjoy yourself here.
  3. IrishBard

    Apples or Pears, Tits or Ass

    I just like large women, full stop. I'd err towards boobs, slightly, but not to any noticeable degree. :blink:....:eek::doh:
  4. IrishBard

    Fictional clothing idea.

    yeah, but the way I figured it, it was sort of the reverse. She goes superhero when she's thin and wear's the suit. This could also play into any feelings of insecurity about being mind controlled into this state, though at this point I'm just throwing out ideas. If the character was a...
  5. IrishBard

    I am SICK AND TIRED of the world saying fat people are disgusting.

    what show was this? I want to know to make sure I out of the room when it comes on, so things to get broken.
  6. IrishBard

    Fictional clothing idea.

    Well, depending on how silver age it all is, maybe some kind of "quantum suit", where someone can get inside and be as big as they like, but appear to be the superhero ideal. Could be interesting to have a superheroine who is, say, 650lbs but appears to be no more than 130lb publicly.
  7. IrishBard

    Capes and Cuisines #2: In the Bastille of Baccus! (BBW, XWG, Inflation, Dom)

    more of the same, and the same is great! I want to see more of wondergi- Sensation girl.
  8. IrishBard

    pulling a pig

    http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/fat-girl-rodeo-and-pull-a-pig-games-the-banter-shag-lads-need-to-grow-up-8531278.html how do people feel about this? personally, I'm one to agree with miss mccudden here, but how is it for everyone else?
  9. IrishBard

    Capes and Cuisines #1: Too Many Sweets for the Sweet! (SSBBW, XWG, Stuffing)

    love it! 60's superhero flare, love the situation, Well written, and just a fun story. is it awfully wrong for me to be rooting, ever so slightly, for The Fool. and also kind of hoping a wonder-woman-like-hero (I don't know, call her the Athenian or something) to turn up and get pied...
  10. IrishBard

    Sensing FA-ness

    Has anyone had this experience, discovering someone elses FA-ness? I'll give you my example. I have this friend, a female friend, who I've gotten to know better over the years. We went to uni together, and we've helped each other through tough times. She's a sort of bro to me, if that makes...
  11. IrishBard

    Divergence - by Matt L.- (~BHM/~BBW, Imagery, Romance, ~SWG)

    Erm... That came out of left field... I mean, it's cool and really adds to the character of both of them (and creates a nice mirroring of what happened with tim and beth anne a the start), and I don't always want happy endings but... damn man...:(
  12. IrishBard

    Backfired - by Snr6424 (~BBW(mult), Feeding, Lesbian sex, MWG)

    great story. It's interesting to see the feeder dynamic flipped over to the main character and the outside influences getting to them.
  13. IrishBard

    Perfection Frustration

    there really are no easy ways to get used to it, mate. It's unfortunately the case that the "Perfect girl" for a lot of people just doesn't exist. It's hard when you have spent so long fantasising about a "the one" to accept anyone else, really, and I get that. Sometimes you go on auto-pilot...
  14. IrishBard

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    if I may pipe up. zxc098, write your story how you want to write it.
  15. IrishBard

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    one of the things I picked up on is that whilst I hate Kirstin, it's clear how insecure she is. The way she talking about how attractive and awesome she is, smacks to me a bit of that she never really recovered from Ted. I'm thinking it would be awesome if Bianca discovered a dirty secret about...
  16. IrishBard

    Mockery By Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)

    this is awesome. this is a really nice insidious piece, that allows for the slow development of serena. It's really interesting.
  17. IrishBard

    Fate Wins Out - By Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)

    d'awww this is so sweet.
  18. IrishBard

    Mockery By Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)

    awesome start, mate everything is so wonderfully insidious, mocking us (apt title) about what's happening. loving it!
  19. IrishBard

    Not Drowning (~~WG, ~BBW, Magic, Eating, mild dom)

    this is an awesome start to a story. It's creepy and sinister and utterly engrossing. more please!