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  1. smithnwesson

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Why hyphens matter:
  2. smithnwesson

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Brahms Intermezzo No 2 in A Op 118 performed by Glen Gould. Even if you're not a classical music fan: Turn up the sound, close your eyes, and just listen.
  3. smithnwesson

    extreme cold

    If you've got a brass monkey you'd better bring him inside.
  4. smithnwesson

    Happy Halloween, y'all!

  5. smithnwesson

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    At a funeral, a stranger sat beside the widow and asked if he could speak to the group. He stood up and said only one word: "Plethora". "Thank you", said the widow. "That means a lot."
  6. smithnwesson

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    Natasha and Rudolph were looking out of their front window in Moscow. Natasha: Look honey, it's snowing. Rudolph: No, I think that's rain. Natasha: It's snow. Rudolph: Rain Natasha: Snow Rudolph: Hey, Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.
  7. smithnwesson

    What Are You EATING right now?

    I had a very healthy lunch today. It was a salad … mostly croutons & tomatoes. Really just one big, round crouton covered with tomato sauce ... and some cheese ... FINE, it was a pizza ... I ate a friggin' pizza. :D
  8. smithnwesson

    Fun Pictures That Make You Giggle

  9. smithnwesson

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    Myrtle Mae was visiting her good friend, Ethel Lee in Mobile, LA. Myrtle Mae was telling Ethel Lee about her recent trip to New York City, New York. Myrtle Mae said, "Why Ethel Lee, do you know that in New York City, they have MEN that kiss other Men". Ethel Lee said "Why my stars! What do they...
  10. smithnwesson

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    Back to the musician jokes. An oboe with bad intonation sounds like a dying goose. An oboe with good intonation sounds like a regular goose. A guy was on safari in the darkest jungles of Africa. It was nightfall and drums were heard in the distance gradually getting louder. Guy: Those drums...
  11. smithnwesson

    Microwaving corn on the cob

    I think I might have posted this before, but it's so awesome that y'all should know about it and try it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U10MkdbzS54
  12. smithnwesson

    cooking shows

    I love it when they taste the dish at the end and say "Mmmmmmm, this is the best <whatever> I've ever had", and roll their eyes. Just once I'd like to see one of them gag and go "Holy Mary! This tastes like ass. What could have gone wrong?" :D
  13. smithnwesson

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    Q: What is a minor second? A: Two violas playing in unison.
  14. smithnwesson

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Bone Tomahawk. 8/10 Very violent and very strange: Not your typical Western. I liked it but YMMV, I've also been accused of also being kinda strange, preposterous though that may be. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2494362/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  15. smithnwesson

    Italy In A Dish

    Thank you once again, Jigen. I'll definitely try the gnocchi. :bow: back to you! - Jim