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  1. GettingChubby

    What is your weight right now?

    A megre 166
  2. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    A new picture, I took today.
  3. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    Well good news has come at last. I've finally broken ahead of 162 and got to 164.
  4. GettingChubby

    Fat people it much more than slim people?

    I have a smallish appetite at the best of times. But I get hungry quickly. On the other hand, my brother, who's athletic, can out eat everyone I know.
  5. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    I eat what I can get, as well as the 3 main meals. I usually snack a bit, but at the moment I can't as much as I would like, due to lack of money. Got another two weeks to wait before I get paid. My meals are always varied, but snacking is usually chocolate, just different types. Strangely...
  6. GettingChubby

    How much did you gain last year?

    Went from 126-162lbs Hoping to reach 200
  7. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    After Christmas...
  8. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    Update WOO
  9. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    But at the end, the results will be the biggest reward of all.
  10. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    Nah I'll just keep eating and eventually I'll break through.
  11. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    Some piccies.
  12. GettingChubby

    My Progress and Goals

    First off stats Height: 5ft 9 Weight: 162lbs BMI: 23.9 Goal Weight: 180-200lbs Amount Gained in Last Year: 36lbs Unfortunately hit a bit of plateau now, and can't seem to get past 162.
  13. GettingChubby

    Stephenie Meyer

    She does look seriously hot now.
  14. GettingChubby

    Body shape

    At the moment, I'm a sort of appear shape in a way
  15. GettingChubby

    Goal weight for the holidays and 2010

    1. I went up from 126lbs to 162lbs so quite a lot 2. Up to 180 3. Up to 200
  16. GettingChubby

    What is your weight right now?

    A measly 162lbs at last measure, hoping for more soon.
  17. GettingChubby

    How much weight has everyone gained this year (so far)?

    i've gained approx 20-30lbs
  18. GettingChubby

    Belly rubs

    never given or had a rub. want one though
  19. GettingChubby

    Stephenie Meyer

    she looks loads hotter with that weight
  20. GettingChubby

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    Well, I'm trying to get chubby/fat. Nothing too much, just until about 200lbs I'd say. I'm 5ft 9 and currently 162.