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  1. Lovinitbig

    Stuffing vs Grazing

    For me I’d prefer stuffing 10/10 times. BUT when I’m in a weight gain mood, nothing beats grazing for putting on the pounds. If I had a feeder though, I’d love to try gaining from just absolutely huge meals a few times a week and see how that went.
  2. Lovinitbig

    BHMs who still work out?

    I haven’t hit the gym hard since college days but I ride mountain bikes in the warmer months quite a bit which I really like doing. I love being “in shape” while being very round as a shape. But I am envious of y’all muscle chubs and recently got a membership to the city rec centers. While I’m...
  3. Lovinitbig

    The most stuffed you’ve ever been?

    For me it was years ago when I had a feeder who would (remotely) stay online with me for hours and keep pushing my limits to her satisfaction. We started one evening at around 7:30 and at 1 in the morning when I was chugging whole milk from the carton (because I’d drank everything else I had in...
  4. Lovinitbig


    Would anyone be interested in doing some meet ups? While we aren't in the chubbiest of states but there still are some of us feedists and fatties around. My first thought would be we do something with food as a theme, but then again, I'm pretty much always thinking about my next meal so maybe...
  5. Lovinitbig


    Yay for Colorado!
  6. Lovinitbig

    Anyone Colorado people on these boards?

    Hey y'all! Anyone up for getting some drinks or chilling? It doesn't look like it ever got off the ground but that doesn't mean it won't!