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  1. reory

    My first BGP event

    It's brilliant mate, much better than any other bgp event anywhere else in England! You should go if you have not already :)
  2. reory

    Girl's jealous of BBW's

    i agree boston bbw luv, Had a girl like that too, always would remove my hands from her belly or her thighs, When i left her and went out with a bigger woman, she always gave me dirty looks and said to me that what i was doing was wrong, but i love bbw's I can't help it.
  3. reory

    Pub Meet In London!

    I missed this, i hope you ladies put something on like this again
  4. reory

    Hello from Big Girls Paradise in the UK

    I went to bgp in August in Manchester was better than last time, somehow bgp in London is ten times better, could be the fact that there are plenty more people in London so you get more of a turn out. Ill be going in October for the Manchester one as well. :eat2:
  5. reory

    North of England?

    Would be nice to have an event up north I think big girls paradise is having something in Manchester this weekend. Might go :)
  6. reory

    April 5th BGP Pics Thread!! :)

    Pendulous, these events are amazing and the women are lovely and voluptuous. :wubu: www.big-girls-paradise.co.uk
  7. reory

    April 5th BGP Pics Thread!! :)

    wow! you ladies are so lovely, thanks for the pics, i went to the manchster bgp last saturday, was nothing like this one! I do hope some of your sweetness will rub off on me when i go to bgp in may x x x x x x Love the pics ladies Keep it comin :smitten:
  8. reory

    Manchester BGP Party

    I went to it. Not very good hardly anyone turned up. Very disappointing i think its better in london. :blush: