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  1. F

    my late partner had gastric bypass

    I think that is a very offensive and upsetting sentiment to express towards people who are considering WLS. If they are unhappy with their weight and the problems and limitations it may cause them, calling them pathetic and self-loathing really does not help one bit. You need to be more...
  2. F

    Fox News:Fat Airline Passenger Shock-Horror!

    The armrests on United planes, especially 777's, are variable. They had some sort of refurb, and the armrests either raise all the way (with a small bump and the bottom) or to about 45 degrees. I have a long story still to post from May, but it really is pot luck!
  3. F

    It be Talk Like a Pirate Day

    http://www.talklikeapirateday.com/ Genius.
  4. F

    Fat and pregnancy

    Did the Dr ever tell her that she would never become pregnant or that she could not deliver a healthy baby??
  5. F

    Heavenly Bodies Memorial Day Weekend!

    Donni and I are sorry we couldn't make this. We just couldn't find the time between NM/CA and getting back for work. Sorry all! Hopefully we'll make a bash soon :) Mike
  6. F

    Happy Birthday Donni / Bigbellyssbbw

    Happy Birthday babe!! I love you with all my heart, and I always will do!:kiss2: :smitten: Mike
  7. F

    Any Fa's who are Fa's?

    I would say this belongs in the FA/FFA forum, buuuuutttttttt........
  8. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    Weighing people totally wouldn't work. Weight is not a good indication of essentially how wide someone is sitting. The only way to approach this even slightly fairly is to have a "standard" seat in a private area, so in borderline cases the passenger could actually find out how well they fitted...
  9. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    Rats rats rats!! I found this: (i) "Carriers are not required to furnish more than one seat per ticket or to provide a seat in a class of service other than the one the passenger has purchased." Thats the get out clause right there :(
  10. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    Traci - do you have links to these cases? In general, I would agree that obesity is not a handicap. However, in some cases, I firmly believe that it is covered under this act. There are no get-out clauses in it.
  11. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    OK, my bad...the Air Carrier Access Act is a 16 page document! Link here: http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/rules/382short.doc It contains this: § 382.57 Charges for accommodations prohibited. Carriers shall not impose charges for providing facilities, equipment, or services that are...
  12. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    So this is the Air Carrier Access Act as far as I can find: Section 41705. Discrimination against handicapped individuals (a) In General. - In providing air transportation, an air carrier, including (subject to section 40105(b)) any foreign air carrier, may not discriminate...
  13. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    I'm now reading up on the Air Carrier Access Act....I'll be back!
  14. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    So, I have the responses from United. I have been impressed by the way they have responded, if not impressed by the responses themselves. 1. Is the extra seat eligible to accrue Mileage Plus miles? Yes, Mileage Members will earn mileage credit for the extra seat. (EXCLUDES EQM-ELITE...
  15. F

    Immobility: is anyone comfortable with becoming immobile

    Kind of hard to weigh people in varying gravity lol
  16. F

    Mac vs PC

    Willing to pay double for or OS X (which is almost worth it IMO), sleek design, and that Apple air of superiority...and a monitor...and iLife!!! :D Mike
  17. F

    Mac vs PC

    Only if you run Parallels or Fusion...if you run Bootcamp, it is as fast as a PC :)
  18. F

    Mac vs PC

    I have my Macbook Pro setup so that if I hold two fingers on the track pad and click, I get a right click. Works pretty well.
  19. F

    United Airlines New Policy for Large Passengers

    I noticed that United Airlines have a new policy for "passengers requiring extra space" (link below). I emailed the CEO with a few questions...I will post any response I get here! "Dear Mr Tilton I notice your airline now has a formal policy for large passengers requiring extra space...