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    SSBBW enjoying ijoy ride

    See my response to your bath lift post.
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    Bath lift for SSBBW

    Properly designed equipment include safety factors to allow for variations in material quality, degradation with age, and other factors. It is VERY RISKY to load anything to its ultimate limit.
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    Weight gain - Belly in the way when I go to the bathroom

    I have no personal experience in this matter, but, I understand, surgeons have developed techniques, using particular appliances, to allow them to continue critical procedures in operating rooms without being distracted, or having to take recesses, due to an urge to urinate. Maybe the same...
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    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    Given what you wrote, would it be beneficial for you to adopt a low-carbohydrate (and, therefore, low sugar) diet, and get your Calories from fats (except trans-fats) and proteins? Coupled with an exercise regime, that may alleviate at least most of the adverse symptoms you list.
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    Wants to gain, but don't want to or can't.

    If your concern is diabetes, you might consider switching to a low carbohydrate (including sugars) diet, and get your Calories from fats (e.g., Atkins).
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    How do you get your belly to sag lower?

    Is your belly fat visceral or subcutaneous? If the latter, it will sag further down as you increase its volume. If the former, the abdominal muscles enclosing that fat changes the belly shape into more of a sphere.
  7. L

    Temporary bloating

    Between this post, and your opening one, I'm wondering if you're interested in "bloating" (usually defined as drinking a large volume of liquid, filling the stomach), OR, perhaps, just "inflating" your stomach (if not your intestinal tract) with some gas (the "Diet Coke and Mentos" version, if...
  8. L


    I am pleasantly surprised at your quick response. If 18 pounds in a year (about 1/3 pound per week) is your prior experience, do you think that 3 times that rate would be a problem? OR, perhaps, do you consider it an opportunity?!!!
  9. L


    In the first post of this thread, you stated that you had, by that time, gained 30 pounds. How long did it take you to so do? Did you find it difficult within that time span?
  10. L

    Where do you gain weight most?

    With respect to this posting, and the one where you contemplate gaining an additional 30 pounds: Have you been pregnant before your recent weight gain? If so, did you like your protruding belly during that process? Again if so, might your current gaining "project" be a way of getting back...
  11. L

    Dream shake speculation/critique thread

    One hundred U.S. fluid ounces would be just over 3 U.S. quarts, which is a bit LESS than the capacity of a typical adult human stomach. If one consumed it (additional to a regular "maintenance" diet) in one day, and it were fully digested, the result would be a weight gain for the day greater...
  12. L

    Dream shake speculation/critique thread

    What is the total volume of this "Dream Shake"?
  13. L

    Technoligies to help feedees/feeders

    Many of the implants currently used have significant adverse side effects. The best solution is probably a healthy high-Calorie diet.
  14. L

    Fast Extreme Weight Gain In Real Life - A Meditative Self-Realization

    A gain of 100 pounds in 6 weeks means a sustained average gain of more than 2 pounds per day. Given that she was pregnant, perhaps much of the weight gain was a result of water retention, which has its own health risks
  15. L

    Things we break - New Stories 03.01.2018

    Do you KNOW that the ratio of working load to ultimate load is 1/3 (otherwise stated as a factor of safety of 200%) for these staircase chair lifts? Typically, industry-accepted factors of safety vary widely, depending on the type of equipment and intended use.
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    Creaking Floorboards

    Wood floor assemblies (including finished flooring, subflooring, and joists under them) tend to dry out with time more than when they were first installed, and shrink (in the cross-grain directions) when drier. This allows movement between the components. Higher dynamic forces (e.g., due to...
  17. L

    What is your weight right now?

    MyWeigh has digital "bathroom" scales which go to 200 kg (440 lb), 250 kg (550 lb) and 320 kg (700 lb). There are also other manufacturers.
  18. L

    Low Sugar/Carb Weight Gain?

    What if you were to eat high-fat foods, avoiding the carbohydrates (including sugars)? If your Calorie intake exceeded your expenditure, your weight would increase. (Given that fats are more Calorie-dense than carbs, for the same volume, you should be able to gain faster.)
  19. L

    Coming out of the fridge

    I am intrigued by your post. Approximately how much did you tell your room-mate you intended to gain? Were you heavier or slimmer than her before beginning gaining (taking relative heights into account)? Would you be slimmer, somewhat heavier, or a lot heavier than her upon achieving your...
  20. L

    weight distribution

    You stated that you "gain weight easily". In the past, how much have you gained (presumably before losing the extra avoirdupois), and where did the additional weight go? That probably gives evidence regarding where the results of your proposed gaining will be.