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  1. escapist

    Thin privilege!!

    I would say do not worry about it. Lots of types of privilege exist, saying one is more important than the other isn't necessary, feeling bad about it isn't necessary. Haven't lost 150 lbs I can tell you I'm feel happy just to be able to tie my shoes without loosing my breath anymore. I'm still...
  2. escapist


    I go for a walk and work on creating the life I want and visualizing it as I walk.
  3. escapist

    Self acceptance as a BHM

    Screw acceptance and demand responsibility for yourself. I type 2 Diabetic with a whole lot of other problems. I will admit there is a way to stay big and not lose the weight or at least lose it very slowly and that is a Ketogenic Diet. The problem is to stay huge you're going to have to walk a...
  4. escapist

    BHM tips for back pain?

    Call me crazy but the best exercises hands down are barbells. I've had a severe back injury to the point my left leg is still numb. I was often in HORRIBLE pain. I started doing powerlifting last year. All the lifts I do have some effect on the core, back, but the DeadLift and Squats have had...
  5. escapist

    Looking to socialize with ffa's

    They are usually all around you, you just have to learn how to see them. Truth is many women do not care about your physical size, even if your an SSBHM (which I still am after losing 150+ lbs). There are actual FFA's but they can be hard to spot. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and...
  6. escapist

    Avoiding Bitterness

    Give it time. It's been years for me and I'm only now truly starting to love my life. I had to make a lot of changes, let a lot of things go, and stop loving myself as a BHM and see for myself that I am more than just a fun fat guy. I made my health a priority along with my family and those I...
  7. 1007.jpg


  8. escapist

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    It's been a while since I've been back on here so here is a pic :) Just me and my 72" Chest and 75" Belly :blush:
  9. Me


  10. escapist

    Big guys and clothes shopping

    I'm a DXL guy. Be ready to drop some $$$ though. It's not cheap I'm a top tier member and even with the free stuff it gets me I still pay around $100 for some cheep jeans after alteration. Custom fitted stuff is really the way to go through. I'm tempted to have some of my 7x's resized now that...
  11. escapist


    Yeah I know, I've been MIA for a while.
  12. escapist

    Christmas weight!

    I actually lost 5 lbs Christmas week but that's cause I'm back to sticking to a high fat low carb way of eating again. After getting my blood work back and the only thing wrong with me was my weight it really made me go HFLC in a major way. Giving up sugar isn't so bad when you can eat a BIG FAT...
  13. escapist


    We are a Myth, wrapped in a mystery, enshrouded by an enigma.....oh wait nope we are here and talk all the time about how this tiny cardboard world wasn't really made for giants like us to walk the Earth anymore.
  14. escapist

    Relationships with BHMs - Newbie needs your advice!

    :blush: :wubu: I love that woman! :happy: I couldn't help it because she looked so cute trying to hibernate under my belly when she needed a recharge :D
  15. escapist

    Relationships with BHMs - Newbie needs your advice!

    Usually when your in a relationship feelings and perspectives are fluid and dynamic. You're never just cute, you're never just hot, you're never just average. There are always highs and lows. I used to be bothered that I got called cute far more than hot, and then I grew up and got over it :p...
  16. escapist

    Relationships with BHMs - Newbie needs your advice!

    Chicken did some pretty great stuff. As confident as I thought I was back in the day, she found the things that still bugged me (like kids pointing and freak out at at me in the store) and had a way of defusing it all helping me really just accept that Its not Frankenstein the kids see its more...
  17. escapist

    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    Well I'm not so much trying to loose weight anymore. I kind of hit the wall at 464 lbs. So I decided to change it up and switch to an Body-Opus/CKD way of eating and training...the results have been AMAZING! My reps for pushups and squats doubled in just 2 weeks. The best part is apparently I'm...
  18. escapist

    Ever met an asian FFA?

    Never met one in person, only here on Dim's. Racially speaking the ones I meet are either black or white or some kind of mix.
  19. escapist

    My Fat Body

    Man looks like I missed some fun in the last month. Now we just need that one guy to come back King whatever his name was I'm the best looking guy in the world! I loved him! lol
  20. escapist

    Thoughts on LDRs

    Personally I HATE LDR's! Its a HUGE part of why I first messaged Chicken Legs. When I saw her post on Dims and saw she was in same city it was just a no-brainer. I got lucky and we just hit it off and really enjoyed being together. I have heard story's of FFA's perving on big dudes eating but...