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    A sketch thread

    “God, when did this get so soft?” I started a tumblr, and might occasionally post sketches there too: Soft, Tight, Round
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    Confession that perhaps I’ll delete later: I’m poly. One of my partners is essentially grey ace and doesn’t really understand my kink, though he isn’t judgmental about it. The other absolutely does, is supportive, keen to explore it with me … and, shortly before he started seeing me, started a...
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    The Fantasy Archive has moved!

    Hey there, I’d be keen to opt in to see adult content/the special interests board please.
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    Whatever perverse driver was at the wheel of Theo’s hindbrain that day seemed intent on steering him right into disaster. The cravings, the idle urge to snack, the goddamn fixation only got worse over the course of the day. It started with the chocolate chips, consumed in furtive handfuls...
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    Anything like the mojoupgrade quiz but specific to our kinks?

    I've often seen quizzes like this suggested as a great way to open up communication between couples. The idea seems designed to be especially useful for those who struggle to speak about their desires openly and need some reassurance, some borrowed language, or want to start by talking only...
  6. G

    Unintentionally hot comments

    Saaaame here. Completely torn between “Hey hang on, why are you putting yourself down for surviving an awful year as best you could?” and “Oh interesting, tell me more about how much you’ve stacked on…”
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    Theo’s first inclination, upon waking up juuuust in time for his on-call hours the next morning, was to try to shrug off … whatever last night had been. He had work to focus on all day, and plenty to keep his mind occupied – as soon as he logged into his emails, he was greeted by a message with...
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    The realisation startled Theo enough that it maybe should have sobered him up. A moment ago he’d felt languid, utterly at ease in himself in a way that let him drift away from awareness, but now he was very self-aware indeed. There was an … awakeness thrumming through him, dampened by the...
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    Don't hesitate to DM me if you want to talk about other fun systems! One thing to be mindful of with Flying Circus is that it could get awkward to play as a family - you'll see this from the sheets, but the vices and some of the play dynamics meant that when our group started playing it, we had...
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    Thank you - I'm glad the disclaimer set the right tone. And it's a real RPG, which I would really recommend! RPG nerd talk ahead,: it runs on a Powered by the Apocalypse system, which means it uses distinctive character sheets and moves, and many of the rolls are less about mathing out a...
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    Tucking into his second brownie, he surveyed the task in front of him: reading through the rules system for his upcoming tabletop roleplaying game. He was dearly looking forward to catching up with the old gang, and their first session was scheduled for a few days from now, but he’d been so flat...
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    BHM King of the Castle (~BHM, ~~WG, ~REALISTIC WG, ~SEX, ~FFA, STUFFING)

    During self-isolation, Theo discovers new culinary skills and other new ... appetites. He also reconnects with an old crush. Contains erotic content. COVID-19 Content Warning: This story takes place during the contemporary era, and its plot centres around weight gain, remote flirtation and...
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    How do you feel about the idea of stories set during the current crisis?

    As a community, there is a general understanding here that we might use fiction or visual art to explore uncomfortable fantasies, or fantasies that others might find disconcerting. I've found myself writing a story intended for a Dims audience for the first time in years, set mid-COVID, because...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    You know you're an FA when your partner shaves his beard and you have to carefully choose tactful words to compliment his shaven look, rather than exclaiming with delight, "Ooh, your double chin has really grown!"
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    Taking OCD meds got rid of my fetish

    That IS rather fascinating. Did you find that it changed anything else about your sexuality?
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    More reluctance to out yourself as an FA/FFA with lady/enby partners than men?

    So I've had a few different conversations with my fellow bi ladies about this general issue, but I haven't yet had this conversation in an FFA context, and I really want to. I'm a bi cis woman, and I am way less comfortable flirting with women than I am with men - not because of doubt of my...
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    Low traffic and Few Posts

    I'm a bi cis lady, and it's interesting that this is such a quiet forum. I have a thread I'm going to make now about the specific tensions I have around being attracted to fat women that I don't have around being attracted to fat men. Thank you for posting to potentially revive the subforum!
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    Fictional BHMs

    Ok, found the right thread! Folks, I've just finished Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. It's a dark fantasy with a pretty tragic arc, and without spoiling too much, I was deeply frustrated by the ending, but you all need to know about Isaac Dan Der Grimnebulin, arrogant blustering...
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    Celebrity/Fictional Character (F)FAs???

    [deleted - wrong thread]
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    BBW A Small Technicality (BBW, WG, Romance)

    This was joyous and beautiful. I loved, as well, your way of characterising Guy; he isn't a villain archetype who generally appears in FA texts, and I was deeply into the contrast between Ben's and Guy's different ways of seeing Tessa and wants for her.