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    BHM Silk Pajamas (~BHM, ~Gay, ~MWG)

    A very enjoyable piece. You have a very... comfortable style to read, if that makes sense.
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    Advice to your younger queer self

    While I'm not over thirty (Twenty-six as of this June), there's a fair bit of advice I'd offer my younger self. Primarily, "Be patient." Coming out, seeking a relationship, rebounding... So many things I should have waited on. "Seek out the gay community earlier" would be a close second. And, of...
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    Still interest in this forum?

    I think interest remains. 'tis the season to be distracted, though. Perhaps once the holidays are past things will pick up again?
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    BHM Game Night - by Nobody (~BHM, ~Gay, Stuffing, Romance)

    ~BHM, ~Gay, Eating, Stuffing, Romance - Romance blossoms over tabletop gaming between two gay-mers. Game Night by Nobody [Author's Note: I've been tinkering with this story for a little while now. My recent experiences with gaming and gamers inspired this piece. While I feel like I...
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    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Age: 25 Location: Kentucky Gender: Male Orientation: Gay Interests: I enjoy reading (Sci-Fantasy & Graphic novels in particular, but not exclusively), writing, and drawing. I enjoy gaming (PC, Console, and Magic:tG), I also do some online roleplaying, but mostly pen & paper (D&D, GURPS...